This summer volunteers gathered to re hang the fish mural on the new fencing at Mariners Park. This is another beautification project for Prince Rupert that adds some needed colour to our landscape.


Lily was eager to help! She was especially interested in bolting the fish from the back, I think mainly because the job was done on the cliff side of the fence.

Amelia holds the fish and Lily fastens it to the fence

Hayden was also helpful, moving fish here and there and passing them to those attaching the fish to the fence.

Hayden helps too

Sadly, this was the evening I realised that long-time active community member, Monica Lamb-Yorski was moving away at the end of the summer. She has since moved and missed dearly.

Peter and Monica working hard

Journey of the Salmon Fish MuralFish Mural

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  1. erin says:

    Wow, how cool is this? I’d love to be a part of something like this here. We have a salmon enhancement program through LEPS (Langley Environmental Partners Society) but nothing happening this fall with them. They are often subject to budget cuts though the Township of Langley, sadly. They almost lost their demonstration garden until we were interviewed for a local paper and (among many others) helped to sway the budget to keep it open.

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