Saying goodbye

We’re back from our second trip this year to the city. It was hard to leave Leify behind; the first time I ever have. He was fine though and excited about being able to spend time with his Dad, who took the time off to care for him. They spent the week bike riding, fishing, working on the truck canopy Cam’s building and generally horsing around. They called everyday, sometimes more than once but it wasn’t until the day before we came home that Leif was really missing us.

Lily and I saw the doctor we came so far to see our first morning in the city. I’d hoped that we might be able to get her tonsils taken out during this trip but it didn’t work out that way so we had the whole rest of the week to focus on visiting with my four grandparents and Cam’s grandmother. We were also super lucky to borrow a car and drive out to visit with Erin.

Flying to VancouverThe gardenShe couldn't open her eyes or talk todayVancouver

We love exploring Granville Island, especially on quiet sunny evenings. This trip was our first taste of summer. It was wonderfully sunny and warm! We didn’t need to bring sweaters with us everywhere we went and I wore shorts most of the trip.


Lily, Hilda and GrampaGayfeatherGoing to see Grandma MargeAt Grandpa's home

Lily’s underwater camera proved to be tons of fun when swimming at my dad’s club. I’m continually awed by her comfort in the water.

Erin‘s home is on some of the most beautiful land I can imagine. A dream property with a dream house on it. I truly forgot we were so close to the city most of the time we were visiting and even had thoughts of looking at real estate in the area! I normally want to live as far as possible from cities and heavily populated places.


What a welcome!



One of the first things the kids did was meander across the field to a good climbing tree.

Comfrey and good friends

We explored the gardens, played with the chickens, chatted, walked, the kids played in the creek finding tiny trout, enjoyed the hot sun, ate incredible fresh food and chatted some more…

Almost finishedBeet greens for the chickensPoppyDream House. Dream Property.

Sweet peas to the barn"Oh hello, you have a treat for me?"Porch

Dear friends

EchinaceaPotatoes and Carrots for supperMatthew so caring and capable

BeezSlip and SlideSucking on bergamot

Work in progressTreasuresArt and treasure

Lily and I didn’t want to leave at the end of the day…

Enjoying the fire

Abandoned and surrounded by strange farmingBlackberries!

It was a joy to spend time with Erin and her family. I’m so grateful for our friendship and how it has touched our lives in such a positive way.

For mamaMouth wateringTelling stories


Gosh, I took so many more photos than I shared here. Click on any to see them bigger or more of them. Lily took some pictures which I shared as well; some of the only photos of my that we came home with.

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4 Responses to A Wild And Precious Adventure

  1. k says:

    it looks like you guys had so much fun – so great that you have a special friendship like that, even when you live so far away from each other.

  2. Rae says:

    What a beautiful place Erin has!!! You must have enjoyed it so thoroughly. Lily’s hair has gotten SO long! Please say hi to her for me!

  3. mb says:

    yay! that’s so awesome. beautiful photos, beautiful friendship. :)

  4. erin says:

    Thank you for your generous spirit and words Annie! Our day was full and bursting and has left me with so many great moments to reflect back on. Was it really just a day?! I thank you again for being willing to put in the effort to come our way, it is far from the city and on a trip where you had so many to visit and so much to attend to for Lily, I am full of gratitude and felt honoured. Scott liked getting to know you better, too, and really enjoys you and your family.

    Thrifting was fun too, I need to get to that store again!!

    Love to you all ~Erin xoxo

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