Happy Canada Day everyone! It’s a beautiful day here! We’re planning on taking it easy today and beating the heat the best we can. It’s been crazy hot here the last little while with 30’C temperatures. Thankfully today is supposed to be a bit cooler at 28’C. We’re thinking about riding over to Newcastle Island to lounge in the shade, beachcomb and swim and then over to Protection Island in low tide, ending our trip at the Dinghy Dock Pub for a famously appetising meal.

Before 1982 Canada Day was actually called Dominion Day. I have fond memories of celebrating Dominion Day at Fort Steele, an old heritage ghost town highlighting it’s booming years of 1890. With picnics, games, actors, ice cream making…. Oh the¬†merriment!

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Canada!

  1. Krista says:

    Eeek, I’m thrilled to find your blog. The Xtracycle is amazing! I’ve been admiring Sarah’s (Cafe Mama’s) for some time but haven’t seen any around these parts… Which leads into my next question: are you from Vancouver Island, too? I’m guessing we must be very close!
    I am LOVING your posting about non coercive parenting and loved the post entitled “be careful!”. That really really is a hot spot for me, too. My husband even says it all the time (I catch myself, not often, but once in a blue moon…) and then we usually talk later about “autopilot” language – meaning our habit of saying things out of habit without any real “meaning” attached. What does “be careful” or “be gentle” or “be quick”…. mean to a child?! Or to anyone for that matter? We are trying really intensely to look at and change our language right now and it’s feeling great. Anyway… I’m up way too late trying to sneak in some time on the computer and now… I’ve used it up.
    I had a reader comment on my blog telling me to look your’s up and I’m glad I did! Looking forward to reading more and hearing your insight on such similar topics that interest me as well.


  2. Annie says:

    I am on Vancouver Island. Nanaimo, in fact. Where are you living? I haven’t been blogging long so many it’s not a surprise that I don’t know many local bloggers yet. It’s cool to find your blog as well! I see it was Dancing Dragonfly that sent you my way. She’s a good friend and very creative mama that I’ve been trying to convince to start her own blog! HA!

    Parenting is hard and even more so when we have these built in responses that aren’t necessarily ones we would normally choose to use. But thanks to the way we were raised and life experiences we can’t always help it. At least realising how you don’t want to react or speak to our children is a first step to making a change, right?!


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