I’ve decided to do some posts on great books. I love to read and am always looking for that next great book so I’m hoping someone might pick up one of these books that I’ve enjoyed and enjoy it too. Please feel free to share your thoughts if you’ve read any of them or have a suggestion for a great book.

The Order of Good Cheer by Bill Gaston

Wow. I really loved this book. It was a bit slow in the first few pages but I was quickly engrossed in the two stories it tells. The author, Bill Gaston lives here on Vancouver Island and the book takes place in both contemporary Prince Rupert and the early 1600’s on the coast of Nova Scotia with Samuel Champlain.

The story follows Champlain and his experience in the second year of living in “New France” which is the winter after abondoning their first location where more than half the men died of scurvy. At the time they didn’t understand what caused scurvy and it was a frightening second winter. Most believed that getting the sickness had to do with one’s humours but Champlain had some ideas that diet played a part but wasn’t positive. When men started to get sick again, he came up with the idea to host evenings with festivities and local fresh food. It not only cheered the men’s spirits but cured the scurvy. He called these nights The Order of Good Cheer and organised a different man to host every night with their own personal touches.

The Prince Rupert story’s main character is a man who spends a lot of time in contemplation and reading since his life dulled after the love of his life left him. The book he’s reading during the story is about the settling and establishment of Port Royal and Champlain. He’s inspired by what he reads and plans to host his own Order of Good Cheer at the same time that the love of his life is coming back into town.

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2 Responses to The Order of Good Cheer

  1. Lindsay says:

    This sounds interesting, I love book recommendations! I’ve lost my library card though, I guess I’ll have to get a new one or make a better effort to find mine.

  2. Annie says:

    Yes, you must get your new library card! I can’t imagine living without it for very long.

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