I suppose to some eyes my garden doesn’t look that impressive but all I see is exciting success. Starting most, if not all of my plants from seed has meant a little imagination when you look at the beds filled with still small plants. So many perennials will grow to fill in the space; Salvia Nemerosa, Salvia Forkaohcei, Licorice, Wallflower, Marshmallow, Bee Balm to name just a few. My wild Strawberries are filling in many of the empty spaces and there are plenty of Borage flowers to eat from plants I seeded in many kid accessible garden beds around our yard.

What I’m most excited about this year is my tomatoes. I started them very early this year to get a jump on my short cool season. I have so many tomatoes growing and a couple are ripening right now! I’m growing Pollock tomatoes, perfectly suited to Northern BC, if not exactly Prince Rupert’s climate. Principe Borghese and Tomatillos. Oddly, my tomatillos aren’t as far along as my other tomatoes despite their hardy reputation. (These pictures are from two weeks ago because I’m a little behind…)


Principe Borghese

German Chamomile is looking lovely.

German Chamomile

So is this wonderful and intense smelling Provence Blue Lavender. I’m going to be adding a lot more of this to my garden next year.

Provence Lavender

I’m loving the Dragonshead I started last year. This is it’s first year blooming and the hummingbirds and bees (and ants) have been visiting often.


The Foxglove self seeded everywhere and is as gorgeous as ever now that the lupine is finishing it’s bloom.


The Gaillardias are happily starting to bloom.


Check out the crazy cool flower on the 1000 year old Tobacco. Click the picture to see a profile shot.

1000 year old Tobacco

The few Safflower plants I tried aren’t amounting to much. I think I would have been better off repotting them in a larger pot and letting them stay inside for a bit longer than I did. Regardless, they were looking beautiful here:


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7 Responses to My Growing Garden: Tomatoes, Herbs and Flowers

  1. jenny says:

    beautiful pictures : )

  2. denise says:

    Beautiful! So much color – and your tomatoes are doing wonderfully considering that you have mentioned cold summer!

  3. kelly says:

    lovely, lovely garden you have there!

  4. Malva says:

    Hi Annie!
    I sent you a mail via Flickr, speaking of gardening. (I couldn’t find an address for you on the blog).
    Have a great day!

  5. Rose says:

    Your tomatoes look so great and the flowers… I just love them!

  6. Tabby says:

    Wow! Your tomatoes are looking perfect and I can’t wait to see those turn into red. I love your foxglove too. It is really gorgeous and stunning.

  7. Melanie says:

    Hi! Pictures of your flowers are awesome! What I like most in your garden is the chamomile because it reminds me of the European cartoon “the mole”. Its from that cartoon that I have learned the medicinal uses of chamomile tea.

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