Another glorious sunny weekend here in Prince Rupert. We spent the afternoon out at Kloiya Bay where we experienced an exceptionally high tide thanks to the Super Moon. I’ve never seen it so high or rise that quickly! We had to move our trucks so they didn’t end up under water.

Erin heading out in the Kayak

We dropped a couple crab traps and my friend and her soon to be born babe were snug in the kayak for a few turns in the bay.

Looking good considering

Getting set up before the beach disappearsNom nomMarooned

Despite the warmth of the day the fire was a welcome touch. The kids enjoyed building it, tending it, feeding it, poking it and sitting and staring into it.

Kloiya Bay

Kep proved wrong a few people, who believed he wouldn’t be a swimming dog, by happily swimming in the water and greeting Leif and Cam as they came back with the caught crab. He even got a halibut head, which was being used as bait, out of the deal.

Kep swimming out to greet them

Nom nomBusy busyInspecting the crabbies

Everyone (but me) enjoyed a fresh beach side cooked crab snack.

Sun + Family + Fresh Crab = Happiness


Once the tide headed out again, we were able to enjoy the rope swing over the water’s edge. It was made especially for Lily, I think. The wood seat was a tad small for my bum but I had to give it a try after my pregnant friend was able to make it work- with belly and all.


Pure Joy

Leif really wanted to try but was unsure about his ability to hold on. He gripped the rope for dear life and curled inwards as much as possible. He had a huge smile when I helped him off! I think he proved a little something to himself. Doesn’t that alone make the day worth it.

Eager but unsure

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6 Responses to High High Tide At Kloiya Bay

  1. Helen says:

    Looks so lovely. I remember similar days, but with younger children. PR is so beautiful when the sun is shining!

  2. k says:

    looks like a gorgeous day out by the beach, how could you not have a good time on the water and clambering along the shore?

  3. Jacinda says:

    What stunning landscape. You must be so looking forward to Summer.

  4. So sweet! That last picture especially.

  5. tai says:

    Oh Annie, this makes me want to jump on a train and come visit- it looks beautiful there! We still have so.much.snow. I love that picture of Leify holding on for dear life!

  6. dawnsuzette says:

    Ohh… I feel like I just got a preview of what is to come this summer for you guys.
    So beautiful and peaceful!
    Yay for Leif. Love it!

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