It feels like forever ago now. It was last month when we went to our cabin with dear friends. The time away was too short for my liking but hopefully we’ll see these friends again before too long. Taimarie’s perspective of our trip here and here.

Good morning

It was a wet weekend but it didn’t stop us of from getting out for a walk or exploring the beach and trails around the cabin. I love this time of year. Seeing all the colour falling from the trees, carpeting the ground with reds, yellows and browns. So many mushrooms hidden everywhere. The lichen are a favourite of mine. Taimarie took a particular kind home to use for dying yarn. I can’t wait to see the colour it yields.


Have I ever mentioned how well these dear friends eat? What I wouldn’t give to let them feed me for a week. Every meal I have been lucky to eat made by Taimarie is fantastically delicious. This weekend she made Dal. It was so amazing. They brought some goodies from a local micro brewery and micro bakery. Special edition pumpkin beer, squash bread, english muffins and bungles (part bun/part bagel). What a treat for our Thanksgiving weekend!

Coming to meet meLily picked me a flowerMama snugglesPlan B Beer ("local" micro brewery)

There wasn’t much beach at our cabin this time of the year with the river so high. We didn’t have to drive far though to find a beach to play on. Cam fished, much to the kid’s delight. There was no end of rocks to play with on this beach. I certainly had fun playing with them and building cairns all over the place.

Cairn fun

Lily had a spectacular time this trip. She tried out a sling shot for the first time. We ended up buying her one the day after we got home so she could further practice her target shooting skills. She also initiated the picking of a bucketful of high bush cranberries to complement our morning’s pancakes.

Grouse on the drivewayDory in his muddy buddyBungles

High bush CranberriesDalLily's selling bundles of cow parsnip

Probably my favourite part of the trip was the evenings story and sing along with the kids.

Evening sing along

You know when you spend time with another family or friends and you feel better off for it? Your family all feels the effects and it’s easier to be the parent you want to be? This is how I feel when I spend time with these friends. I’m so thankful for our friendship and this wonderful Thanksgiving weekend away.

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4 Responses to All’s Quiet

  1. Lucy says:

    Aaaahhhhhh, so lovely. It looks very like here just now, with the river and trees.

  2. erin says:

    I know exactly what you mean…sometimes we meet certain people who just seem to mirror back to us our very best selves…. there are no (or few) triggers, we really “see” each other, and we want to do the very best for them. This is how I feel about the friends we’ve made recently whom you know, Krista and her clan. And I suspect we will meet many more in the years to com– my hope anyways. I suspect your family will fall into that camp too. :-)

    It sounds like you had a really great time in the cooling, damp days with good freinds, sharing, connecting and eating! I notice when there is the atmosphere of coziness to retreat back to, that I love being outdoors in the cool and damp.

    I loved the sing-a-long and story nights, just the icing on the cake to me! What kinds of songs did you sing? I’d love to begin a tradition like that, especially with Solstice approaching…

    ~Erin xx

  3. tai says:

    Ah, thank you dear friend, what sweet words. We feel the same way. And you’ve reminded me of some things I had forgotten, like that lichen- gotta go find it and give that dying a try! And I’ve been meaning to post that dahl recipe on my blog. I love seeing your photos, you have such a lovely eye. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin and your lovely family with us!

  4. Dawn Suzette says:

    We should all be so fortunate to spend time with great friends!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely trip!

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