I’ve enjoyed every stage and milestone of my children’s lives. I’ve always tried to enjoy their capabilities of the moment while also looking forward to the coming growth and change. I still remember the excitement and new freedom of my children sitting for the first time, or their crawling and scooting around the house almost faster than I could keep up with! There was eating solid foods for the first time near a year old and about six months later saying a final goodbye to diapers. Being free of diapers sure changed our world!


I actually enjoy, in hindsight, the predictability of difficult life stages like sleeping less and nursing more at night around four months and again at nine-ish months or dealing with hitting (seemingly out of nowhere!) around seventeen months!

This is a whole new stage we are in with Lily. She’s seven and a half and becoming a full-on participant with all the fun things we are doing. She can hike along side us without needing to be carried or ride her bike with us all the way to town and back. She’s always been my companion to parties, festivals and shows where kids are normally not seen but she’s better able to share in the enjoyment of the moment. I’m absolutely loving it!

7 Responses to Full Participation

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, Lily is looking so grown up. And gorgeous.
    I can feel the joy in your words Annie, fab ;)

    Thanks for the reminder that I am actually enjoying being woken up in the night. I know I will miss it eventually…

    S xx

  2. Dawn Suzette says:

    This is so precious Annie. Watching her ride down the hill gave me the chills. So wonderful.

  3. Jacinda says:

    I’m enjoying my eldest being 7 aswell. Physically capable, emotionally robust and enjoying more independence.

  4. Debbie says:

    Such a sweet post, Annie. I know many mamas who claim they can’t “wait” for this to be over or “that” to be over – and you would be horrified at what a family member said recently of her children. I’m glad to have friends like you who “get”how awesome each stage of our kids lives are. Some of them are hard…but soon they won’t need us in the same way and so let’s enjoy it while we can.

    Oh – and Lily riding down that hill was GREAT. Tell her CONGRATS, for me. xo

  5. Courtney says:

    Mac Group

    I wish there was a Mac Group started here in Rupert to learn different things and tips etc. You should start one HAHA Whatcha think?? Wouldn’t that be the greatest. Courtney

  6. Bridie says:

    Love the look of excitement/exhilaration on the hill and accomplishment/contentment at the bottom. What a thrill!

  7. jenny says:

    I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I feel like my oldest is suddenly a peer on so many levels. It’s fun, and quite an honor, to be privy to such a transformation. A whole new territory!

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