Six in the morning is entirely too early in the morning to be waking up. It just is.

Maybe I was just spoilt with my first born, who shares my love for sleeping in. Lily actually woke up at nine this morning. Poor Leif has four molars coming in and his canines are peaking through too. He’s not upset or hurt about it, thank goodness but he’s definitely unsettled, waking and nursing often.

I remember it being so hard with my daughter when she needed to nurse all the time at night. I would sometimes feel so “touched out”. I have yet to feel that way with Leif. I find that after nursing non stop for five years I don’t even notice it anymore and five years isn’t even that long of a time to be nursing consecutively! I go to turn over to my back and oops, I’m still attached! Maybe the real reason I don’t realise I’m attached all the time is because I’m so overtired!

So we woke up at six in the morning and I got out of bed to take Leif to the bathroom for a morning pee. I also didn’t want Leif to wake Lily with a “while I’m up why don’t you get up too” whack in the face that he’s so fond of doing. Mr. Whacker.

I love the morning. I love the crisp air and the quiet of so many not being awake yet or the quiet putterings of those who are. I especially like walking outside in the early morning. It’s just I’m so damn tired to really appreciate it these days! Ha! It seems my trying not to have too many expectations for the days when I’m so very tired works a little too well and getting any task done at all is a huge success. Today is one of those days.

I’ve made salad rolls with spicy peanut sauce for lunch and I’ve made the rice for our sushi supper. I helped Lily build a fort and listened as she perused a picture encyclopaedia and told me lengthy fantasy type stories about all the things she saw inside. Of course all the while I’m nursing and nursing and nursing… or carrying or peeing Leif. I also washed the dishes. Hey, this isn’t sounding that bad. Oh wait, did I mention the seven chocolate chip cookies my Nana made for me that I ate all at once? Ah, well that would explain the crash and burn feeling I’m having right now. I need a nap.

Tonight is Mom’s Soccer which I was so looking forward to. I’m a bit worried about my lack of energy though. It could be a disaster but I feel like I still have to go and give it a try. Maybe the fresh air is all I need. I better get on making sushi if I want to make it to soccer on time!

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