After our trip to the New Aiyansh Lava Beds we headed off for a few days at our cabin.

Worn down

I love the large meadow on our property. Perfect for wild life viewing. We saw moose! This one was heading down to the river’s edge to munch on willow shoots.


We saw bears! These are two yearling bear cubs who ventured out into the meadow. We wondered if they were the same ones we saw with a mama earlier in the day.


We saw this beaver working hard all the days we were here. He had a small damn built across and down river. This day we saw him swimming out to the middle of the river and then dove not to be seen again. I stealthily (as possible) ran down the trail to the creek to see where he went. I was looking around when I noticed him *right there* about a metre away!! After my heart started beating again, I tried so hard to snap some pictures but the dense branchiness along the shore made it very difficult.

Swimming by the creek

We found many snail shells. I carefully wrapped and packed them all the way home.

Snail shells

I have a greater appreciation for the many rocks to be found here on the beach. This rock is layered sand, mud and sand. These layers could be millions of years apart. How incredible is that?

Sand, Mud, Sand

Bath time in front of the warm wood stove is a welcome part of the day after intense exploring in the bush.

Bath Time

Story time is so much fun, especially when someone farts in the middle of the good part! (Click to see the hilarious sequence with Justine and the kids.)

Telling Stories

Horsetail, nettle, mushrooms… so much lovely young growth in the spring. I can’t wait for next year when I plan to do a bit more herb harvesting.


This was my first visit to our cabin in the spring time. We usually go in the fall when the bugs are done and the fishing is good but now that we live so close we can enjoy our property at anytime of the year. We had a wonderful time, especially thanks to spending it with good friends.

Kate hiding in the flowers

I took too many photos to share here but you can see more by clicking on any of these photos above or clicking here.

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7 Responses to Cabin Treasures

  1. Kyrie says:

    Wow. It looks so beautiful there. I always love to see you cabin photos. Gorgeous! I’m jealous.

  2. Erin says:

    How lovely to have two wonderful places to call “home”. Treasures indeed!! :-)

  3. laura says:

    These photos are beautiful! We live in a very rural place, but a moose? Wow, you’ve got me beat:)

  4. Annie says:

    Kyrie- don’t be jealous, just try and come up here sometime to visit with us.

    We are so lucky to have this property to enjoy. So many good memories are made there….

  5. Jacinda says:

    Wow. I can’t imagine sharing the landscape with such big animals. New Zealand being a Pacific island has only native birds, insects and I think the only native mammal is a small bat! It helps you enjoy the small things in life.

  6. Tai says:

    Awesome pics as usual!

  7. Valerie says:

    it must have been such a great time ! look at the wild flowers field…. and your cabin bath time is simply awesome !
    i saw a moose once. but not in France of course ! in Yellowstone :)

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