Thanks so much for the well wishes on and off my blog! Things have been going okay here especially since seeing my chiropractor yesterday and getting a bit of a tune up.

My grandfather is in better shape, although the bigger picture isn’t looking as good. They’re trying to make a spot for him in some sort of hospital long term living. I’m going to try and make time to go over and see him when he’s settled. At least the pressure is off the family that so lovingly took the time to have someone always with him day and night.

My husband is still away but we head down to Victoria tomorrow to spend the last few days of the Cancer raising event with him. We’ll be in a hotel downtown and free in the days to go to museums or hangout with friends or whatever we want. It should be a great time!

I don’t know if I mentioned it already but we enrolled Lily at the last minute in the Wondertree Self Design program. This gives us the opportunity to get support and funding for a year without needing to follow any curriculum. There are about 75 learning consultants to pick from but by the time we enrolled there weren’t many left. Regardless, we were able to find someone who would be a perfect fit for us as a family and our life interests. I talked to her tonight and am looking forward to more.

I always knew that registering for any school was going to be a bit of a trade off. With Wondertree I’m going to have to keep a journal to share with our learning consultant who will then translate what I write into “learning” for the government body that funds our “schooling”. Lily and I also need to sit down and come up with a loose plan for the year. This is a broad look at what she might be interested in learning about. It can change as her interests change but it gives the sense of intention to those who may not totally accept that everything we do in life is learning.

More than 15 years ago I spent time on online bulletin boards with students of Wondertree. They called it a “virtual highschool”. It amazed me that there was such a school and while I didn’t totally understand or wish to be schooled that way I realise now how much I would have gained from homelearning. It’s one reason I’m looking forward to going in this direction with the kids.

Here’s a few random pictures from the last little while:

Helping dad fix some lattice in the yard. Leif literally picked up the tools when Cam put them down and started using them the right way! He’s too cute. Cam’s made the dog kennel into a bit of an out door shop since it’s in the back corner of the yard. Sadly you can’t see what he had set up. It was very cool.


Getting into the jam when Mama’s not looking! Oh yeah right, put the lid on like you haven’t been scooping it out by the mouthful with the knife!


Heading out to run errands. It doesn’t look like much but I was carrying a big load here! I was taking a bunch of things to the thrift store, heading to the library and then came home with a ridiculous amount of groceries! The bike naming is on hold until Cam can have his say in the matter. He’s been so busy with the cancer ride.


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5 Responses to Serious Love

  1. dancing dragonfly says:

    Bonjour Anne,
    Really wanted to THANK YOU soooooooooooooo much for helping me with “my meltdown” and ongoing clutter issues that stop my creative flow!!! I feel like I am on the right track again. Have a great time in Victoria and see you soon.

  2. Lindsay says:

    That Wondertree program sounds interesting, despite the journal keeping and the plan. I always thought we might keep a journal anyway if we end up homeschooling, more for ourselves to look back on than anything.

    Meredith does that with the garden tools. She also does it with brushes and combs, cloths, the broom, and pretty much anything else she sees us using. It’s too cute. I can’t get over how big Leif is looking! He looks like a little boy (as opposed to still mostly a baby) in those pictures with Cam.

  3. Annie says:

    Hey, what timing- we were just talking on the phone Dancing Dragonfly! I’m looking forward to helping get it even further whipped into shape. What fun it is to play with your creative and artistic space!

    I didn’t love the idea of reporting either but I feel less hostile to it now that I’ve decided to register and have talked to my LC. :D I keep a bit of a journal already so it shouldn’t be too bad.

    Don’t you think Leif is looking so much more boy-like without his beautiful curls? Well, clothes help too. I always think they look older when they put something on- which isn’t all that often!

  4. azuroo says:

    Leif does look a lot older all of a sudden, since the last time I looked at pictures. He’s so cute, sneaking mouth fulls of jam!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I forgot you’d cut his hair! What a difference that makes. And yes, clothes make a difference too. :) Hopefully we’ll get to see you guys while you’re down here this week.

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