I remember reading one time about how life’s stages come in seven years. You’re no longer a young child when you turn seven, you become a teen at fourteen and an adult at twenty one. If I look back at my own life I see these seven year stages clearly and the saying “seven year itch” makes a bit more sense.

Known simply as "Queen"

Seven years ago today I was going to my sixth of twelve Bradley Method prenatal classes with my doula, Shawna. (Here’s an article Cam, Shawna and I were mentioned in recently talking about having a doula with our first birth…) If I was going by my estimated due date I was three weeks early when I went to bed that evening, rolled over and felt a “pop” of water. I’m still not confident she’d have been born the next day had the hospital not pressured me to “encourage” labour by breaking my bulging waters.

Lily has played a huge part in making me the woman and mother I am today. She taught me to slow down and to value and strive for patience.

Lily and Mama

She’s filled my life with so much joy! I often felt lonely not having other friends with kids and certainly not many making the same parenting choices I was making.

Sunny day at the park

Cam worked so many hours in the first couple years of Lily’s life. We really had to make the most of our time with him and I think we did. Skiing, hiking, spending time at the local rivers, dancing in the living room….

Fort Steele

I still can’t believe I have a seven year old!

Lily loves to dance and sing. She’s draws and designs fashionable clothing on paper and anyone willing to be dressed up. Lily’s learning to cook and bake and is always eager to help if it means being included in a task.


My Billabong Girl

Lily’s very sensitive but not as shy as she used to be. She’s empathic and an animal lover. She also loves wiggly worms and handfuls of gunnels. Lily could be an engineer one day with the way her mind seems to work. She also has an excellent memory. Nice that one of us does!

Lily's Empathy Poster take two

Happy one day early Birthday, Lily! I love you!

Brand new Lily

(I added a few old photos and videos to my Flickr page which you can look at by clicking on any of the older shots in this post. There’s a bit more explanation for each photo there as well.)

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19 Responses to Seven

  1. What a sweet way to mark this milestone of a birthday. Yes, the 7 year stages are part of what I’ve been learning so much about this year with my Waldorf training. In childhood, Steiner’s view is that the first 7 years are largely spent developing the physical body with the next seven years relating to the development of the etheric body which is a much more difficult thing to explain! I’m sure there are other contexts that the 7 year stages are recognized in as well.

    It’s so nice to have flashbacks to the babe and toddler Lily once was and some of the places you’ve lived. I love the video and the memories of visiting you all there, eating pasta with a chickpea sauce and broccoli, checking out the barracks, visiting the blacksmith and more. Good times.

    Here’s to another great seven years!

  2. greenteacher says:

    What sweet pictures! Happy birthday Lily (and mama too!)!

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh my Annie. I can’t believe how grown up she looks in some of those pictures. She is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Lily…and Happy Birth Day to you too, Annie. xo

  4. ecoMILF says:

    Happy Birthday to Lily! I hope she has a beautiful next 7 years to come! The photos are stunning! xo m.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Happy 7th Birthday Lily! Annie, I know what you mean about the 7 year cycles – Madeline just turned 7 a month ago and I have really been noticing how mature and grown up she seems lately. I so wish our girls could see each other and have a play – they always got on so well together. Madeline said to me out of the blue the other day “I hope it’s not raining in Prince Rupert” and when I asked why she said “because I want Lily to have a nice day”! We miss you!

  6. ella says:

    Happy Birthday Lily! So much beauty there <3 x

  7. Magda says:

    What a touching post. :-) And what a sweet, beautiful girl!
    I do believe in the 7yr milestones. The one that I really noticed was when I turned 28. Somehow I missed the next one, lol..

    Happy Birthday Lily! Happy Birth Day Anniversary to you Annie. :-) Have a wonderful day! :-)

  8. krista says:

    Happy birthday, Lily, from all of us back on the island!!! I just love these photos!

  9. Bridie says:

    Happy Birthday Lily!

  10. MB says:

    She is just beautiful. What a lovely young lady!

  11. jenny says:

    What a lovely collection of shots to look back and reminisce. She is perfectly beautiful and I can see that you have raised her with a lot of love and insight into who she is. Happy Birth Day to you, too, mama! Celebrate!

  12. Nancy says:

    My girl is also turning seven this summer…I feel so wistful just thinking about it. I am so proud of the girl she’s become, but I just want time to slow down a little…

  13. tai says:

    Happy Birthday Lily! Seven was my very favorite year as a kid- I hope it is a great one for you. And happy day to you too Annie, I hope it was a good one. We are just emerging from our celebrations over here and I have a very similar photoheavy b-day post up too- our spring babes!

  14. Oh, happy birthday, Lily! Seven feels like such a milestone, for you too, Mama. :)

    I love the photos!

  15. Sarah says:

    Beautiful Lily, Happy Birthday ;)
    This is so gorgeous Annie, brought tears to my eyes seeing how your baby is growing up. x

  16. Annie says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments and good wishes!

    Deirdre- miss you guys so much!

    Tai- what a perfect time of year to have babes, no?

  17. Jennifer says:

    So adorable. What an outgoing girl!

  18. Lindsay says:

    I’m late but I hope Lily had a wonderful birthday. I can’t believe she’s seven already either, wow! She looks so grown up. Wish we could get together again. And I agree, it is a wonderful time of year to have a baby, I’m enjoying my spring baby very much too. :)

  19. happy belated 7 lily! Araina will be 7 in June too.

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