We took to the ocean last weekend in our friend’s boat for the first time this season. We were on a mission to find uninhabited islands to camp, beaches to enjoy and get our lines wet.

Absolute Beauty

We started out how we always start out, by dropping a crab trap for a hopeful addition to our supper that evening. With the tide high it was a good opportunity to cruise around closer to shores and in waters we wouldn’t normally chance.


On our way to the North Pacific Cannery we stopped the boat noticing we were surrounded by many many porpoises near and far. It was a sight to see and we spent a long time just enjoying watching them.


We found a treed island with a little beach we’d like to go back to and camp on. It’s so tiny that it was less than a square kilometre.


When I was first labelling my pictures I was calling these porpoises, dolphins not realising that they are two different creatures. Unlike dolphins, porpoises don’t have beaks, their fins are smaller and their teeth are shaped like a spade rather than a spike.

See its blow hole?

Cam even had a chance to do a little fly fishing from the bow of the boat. I like that you can see his whole line in this picture below. (You might have to click on it to see it bigger)

I like how you can see the whole line here

We’re not always happy to see starfish in the crab traps. They often get in there and eat the bait before any crabs can be caught but starfish are interesting and fun to touch. We carefully removed him from the trap and put him back in the water after a good examination.



It was an absolutely beauty day to be out in the harbour. I can’t wait for more exploring this spring and summer!

Prince Rupert Harbour

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3 Responses to Exploring the Ocean

  1. Beautiful photos Annie! I’m so glad you’re braving sea sickness and getting out there to explore.

  2. paxye says:

    So beautiful… I can’t wait to see for myself :)

  3. Wow Annie, it’s so beautiful up there! Very cool starfish, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with so many legs.

    Can’t wait to try the cookies and cinnamon rolls too!


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