Wildcraft is one of our favourite board games that I just had to give a shout out for. It’s cooperative so winning always happens and it’s fun to help others as they play too. I can’t say enough for this beautiful game. The artwork alone makes it worth playing.

The story goes that you all are off to climb the mountain from Grandma’s house to pick huckleberries for pie. She knows that you’re all capable and knowledgeable enough to go off on your own but if you aren’t back before it gets dark then she’ll be able to come up and get you and help gather the berries and get you back to her home where you can then bake some pie. Along the way you collect plants and encounter different problems that the plants you and your friends collect will help you with. There are twists and turns along the path climbing trees and sliding down water falls and following deer paths. It’s great fun!

I love that Lily recognises many of the plants on the plant cards in the game. She’s starting to remember what herbs help with what problems and is suggesting different plants to grow in the garden come spring.

Lily is especially dramatic when dealing with the trouble cards!

Oh no! Sunburn!!

Plant cards ready to use if there's trouble

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9 Responses to Wildcraft

  1. Natalie says:

    I love it! I really want to try it now, maybe I’ll just need to get one for myself. It looks really great. Thanks for the post!

  2. Debbie says:

    This sounds GREAT. I’m going to check it out. Thanks for posting about it. Happy New Year to you and yours. -Debbie

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for letting us know about this game, I am off to order one right now! Your little Lily is sooo expressive!

  4. debbie says:

    OH yes…the drama around the Trouble cards…that’s what makes the game for my kids (um, and my husband)! And when they are finally able to cure a problem, they say “Thank you Plantain! Good BYE scraped knees!” We don’t always finish the game, but no one seems to mind – we still spend an hour or more on it at a time…

  5. Jacinda says:

    I’ve seen this before in Northern Hemisphere blogland and it sounds wonderful. My concern is that it may be too Northern Hemisphere orientated for us at the bottom of the earth. What do you think? We don’t have huckleberries and then there’s the obvious season switch. Hey, I love your blog. Happy 2010.

  6. april says:

    We love this game too!

  7. It’s been our favorite game for 3 years now. I bought it for Fauna on her 5th bday. Wow, to good stuff leaned from this game!


  8. Thanks Annie! Based on your great review (and others’ comments) I’ve ordered some games for my store. I’m not sure but I think I might be the only place in Canada to get this game. Pre-orders now available! Can’t wait to try it out!:)

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