Finally got to Diana Lake today. The last time I came with a friend the road was closed so we only walked most of the road in. It was a wonderful day with little breeze but the warm sun kept the bugs away.

Before heading to the beach we went on a little hike to see Diana Lake Falls and walk along the river a ways. Not too short, not too long even though we had a whole gaggle of kids walking with us.

Lots of great things to see. Tons of greenery and we even found some tasty huckleberries. They were so good!

Diana Lake Falls



Signs of fall.

Fall is coming

We then walked the road back to the lake for lunch.

Matt's mom was so fun

The view was breath taking, even though the lake itself smelt a bit like urine. It’s quite red so we’re guessing the water has a high tannin content from the decomposing muskeg.

Diana Lake

Some of the kids even took a dip. I guess not everyone is as sensitive to the smell like I was. There was no way I was going in that water!

Taking a dip

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3 Responses to Diana Lake

  1. Emma says:

    What beautiful pictures- the greens are so lush!

  2. Dawn Suzette says:

    Beautiful Hike!! Thanks for sharing Annie! I am with you on staying out of water that just don’t smell right!!! For whatever reason! :)

  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve never heard of a huckleberry, but when I just looked it up it seemed a lot like a plant we found and couldn’t identify last weekend. I wonder if we have them over here…

    Every time I read your lovely blog Canada goes up and up my list of places to visit. What a stunningly beautiful landscape to be surrounded by…. it’s only fair the lake was stinky otherwise it’d be too good to be true!

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