Mossy View

A lovely 5 km (?) walk this morning at Butze Rapids, Prince Rupert. Or as Lily says:

It was neat to see where bark has been striped from Cedar trees. Probably woven into something cool.

Stripped Cedar

So much GREEN! I really love this about living here.

Cat Tail Moss (?) Deer Fern (?) Ribbed Leaf Green Moss Everywhere Green Climbing Lily Pretty dewy flower

It’s not all green though. There’s so many pretty flowers here too.


The tide was going out.

Butze Rapids

We enjoyed watching it, none the less.

Checking Out The Rapids

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5 Responses to Butze Rapids

  1. Rebecca says:

    What a gorgeous burst of greeness! Looks like a wonderful place.

  2. greenteacher says:

    I love Lily’s hand signals(?). They are awesome! I’m glad for you that you’ve already found such a beautiful place to explore, in Prince Rupert!

  3. Your little guy is getting so big!!

    I will refrain from commenting (once again) on how much Prince Rupert reminds me of home. :)

  4. Annie says:

    I love those hand signals too. It was so inventive and fun that day.

    Stacy- I love that you know what it’s like here! This is like no other place I lived. I also kinda like that someone like you came from up here and maybe it means I’ll meet another kindred spirit in the area. (And maybe that means I’ve been reading too much Anne of Green Gables lately…)

  5. Dawn Suzette says:

    What a wonderful place for a nature walk… Beautiful pictures!
    So happy I found your blog… wonderful!

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