We had a fabulous visit with friends before we left Vancouver Island and I really wanted to share some of the moments here.

This cherry tree was the absolute perfect tree fort. Complete with climbing wall, ladders, swing and roped area.

What’s more fun than building a river and lake?

Leif, always with the “psh”, watering the gardens and L eating some yummy rich soil. Mmm? Well, she sure thought so.

Supper was a salad filled with fresh picked strawberries, beets and mint. We also had a really mouth watering dairy free beet leaf and basil pesto on rice pasta and covered with grilled veggies and roasted garlic. It was divine!

This was probably my favourite picture of the night. The kids were all playing while the parents were sitting around enjoying the last of the supper and wine when I saw little L climbing up and down the ladder. I LOVE that no one was worried. I LOVE that no one was screaming “BE CAREFUL” over and over all night. I LOVE that her parents have always trusted and know their daughter’s comfort zones. Plus she’s just super cute, right?

The night ended favourably with a little play acting. A shy angel for once in her life not overflowing with drama, an adorable dinosaur who made the most appropriately scary faces that would turn into huge relaxed smiles right after the picture was taken, and the rock of the evening- the knight in his chain mail and catchers mask.. er I mean knight’s helmet.

Good times.

4 Responses to Angels, Dinosaurs and Knights

  1. gardenmama says:

    I think my family would have had a lovely, lovely time too by the looks of your photos! : )
    What a wonderful meal and yes, isn’t is great to TRUST our children!!!

  2. lisa says:

    A shy angel? That’s too funny.

    We got the book yesterday. The girls loved the drawings! The book is great and we will be using it a lot!! Thanks so much!

    I hope you are settling in nicely,
    Lisa :)

  3. Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful time… in Vic? There are so many cool places for the kids to play and I love the costuming. That was big at my parents house too. In fact the kids she cares for after school still dress up in my mom’s old clothes and the Halloween costumes she made for us when we were kids!

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