I had to share what happened when I was upstairs nursing Leif in an effort to get him to nap, unsuccessfully as you can hear in the video. We ended up giggling and playing around instead. Lily decided to use the photobooth on our computer to send me a message letting me know that I was a delinquent parent. 

Lily just had a spacer put around her last tooth to make sure her teeth don’t move over where her second to last tooth was pulled out. In the video she says “Get to work. Get to work or I’ll make myself some food because I’m starving.”

Ha ha ha ha… It’s funny and not at the same time. I swear I feed this girl… I remember feeding her yesterday as a matter of fact…

Just kidding. I guess I hadn’t left out some snack to eat while I was upstairs.


I told you she is no stranger to drama.


12 Responses to Delinquent Parenting

  1. lisa says:

    “I know how you feel because my mom does it to me all the time!” from fauna

    That’s what Fauna had to say about this after she watched it a couple times laughing very loudly!

    I’m a little frightened that Fauna and Lily could possibly get us into trouble with the “oldest, first born attitudes.”

    Lisa :)

  2. Sarah says:

    HAAA! That is really very funny! ;)

  3. v says:

    oh my gosh. that is hilarious. I love her. She reminds me of Kaia sooooo much!
    Well, good thing you did not leave cukes and apricots around. LOL
    Kaia gets into all sorts of trouble too when I am putting Apollo to bed. but I am happy I don’t let her get on the laptop. that would add another dimension to putting out fires that I am not even willing to think about.

  4. I’ve played this quite a few times today. I like how Lily explained the thing in her mouth. I don’t quite get the connection to “get to work” but that’s part of what’s so delightful about the chatter at that age. I like how she’s using her soft story telling voice and all the actions too.

  5. Judy Roberts says:

    Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!

  6. greenteacher says:

    HI-LA-RI-OUS! I loved watching this. She is such a character…Love it!

  7. taimarie says:

    ha! I had to call my husband in to watch. She’s hilarious!

  8. paxye says:

    omg… I love it!!! so funny… and she is such a cutie!!! Colin has now watched it a dozen times now… he asked me if she could be his girlfriend :) lol

  9. Lucy Dolan says:

    She’s a talker! Very cute. Very cheeky!!!!

  10. JT says:

    Awesome video! What a little personality and an absolute doll…she’s so articulate! I can’t wait for my little gal to start talking (but also don’t want time to go by too quickly).

  11. Annie says:

    Fauna- I hardly think your mother is a delinquent parent like myself! I refuse to believe it! Ha. But I would love to see a video of you saying so.

    This kills me too each time I watch it. She’s so funny and dramatic!

  12. Katherine says:

    omg! So Funny. Ahhhh, and nice to hear as well. My Ry told me she has been starving for “THREE Days Mom, all the time.” You put food in and…poof…gone.

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