Grassy Bay is so incredibly beautiful! The short trail to this bay is a branch of the larger Butze Rapids trail just outside Prince Rupert, BC. The Butze Rapids trail “traverses a coastal rainforest ecosystem through old growth forest, across bogs, wetlands, and swamps carpeted with sphagnum moss and stunted growth pines”.

Look at Lily climbing these trees that look like they started growing on a nursing log long since decomposed!


Always running… I can still smell the skunk cabbage looking at this picture.

Checking out all the critters in the tide pool. Now if only Chili dog would move her rear end out of the picture….

These crabs looked like big hairy spiders when they were moving about in the water. They got a little camera shy when out.

We also saw stranded prawns, bald eagles, old log booms and views that could never be fully captured with my current camera but I wanted to try anyway. 

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  1. That last photo deserves a place on your new wall!

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