I’m feeling a little beat down today. Yesterday I was filled with a bit of hope that the hives were on their way out but woke throughout the night and this morning feeling like they were only picking up steam again. 

The swelling I’d had was incredible. My face puffed to the point of not being able to put my glasses on. That was miserable- not being able to see and on the verge of a headache if I tried to look at any distance- even across the darn room. My face started going back to normal, save first thing in the morning but then it was my arms that swelled. I felt like I was wearing a permanent blood pressure cuff. I couldn’t lift my arms almost at all. Thankfully the circulation was never fully impeded. 

Something of interest was noticing a small incision and lump under my chin where the hives and swelling were most painful. Perhaps I was bit by something? It seems too central and too small to be a lymph node.

It’s been more than a week now with this awful hives. I feel like crawling back into bed. If only that was more comfortable that it really is. My arms, neck and face are throbbing.

I just want this to go away.

I want to hold my babies again. I want to wash my calamine lotion stained sheets. I want to go back to wearing normal clothes- not just loose tank tops. I want to clean my darn house. I want to go back to making meals. I want to stop feeling my husband’s underlying resentment and dislike for having to pick up the slack. I want to get on with preparing to move before the end of June.

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  1. Katherine says:


    I’m so sorry! Ugh, that looks miserable. They must end soon, yes?

  2. greenteacher says:

    I’m so so sorry Annie….I really really hope the hives go away soon. Mantra: this will go away soon, this will go away soon (I’ll repeat this and send the vibes your way). I totally get the annoyance and going out of your mind,…and the calamine stained clothes and sheets. I wish there was something I could do to help!

  3. JT says:

    You poor thing…hopefully they will be gone soon. Hang in there and stay positive!!

  4. I’m so sorry! It’s miserable, I know. I tend to get contact dermititis; basically allergies to things I come in contact with. Luckily, it’s only in the area that touched whatever it was I was allergic to (usually tea tree), never as widespread as your experiencing. It generally takes about 5-10 days for it to go away, but only if I don’t do anything. If I use anything, it gets worse. Sometimes I can get away with pure aloe or a warm washcloth to ease the pain, other times coating it in olive oil keeps it from drying out or itching more. But usually it just takes time.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Perhaps it’s time for a doctor?


  5. Oh, this is awful, you must see a doctor! I had those red spots arround my nose, mouth and eyes and I endet up with the diagnose of being allergic to many, many things… Even things like coffee, citrusfruit, perfume, chemicals, and so on. Now I am trying to avoid this all and things went much better. At first the dermatologist wanted to give me a antibiotics cure for 6 months! I did not wanted that at all. Thank God; finaly I also was diagnosed with allergics to antibiotics! Than I had a pneumonia last winter and I was forced to take antibiotic medicine… My whole leggs where swolen up and had huge red spots. I was itching like crazy! So maybe you have taken some kind of medicine or food or drink? I hope that you can find out what the problem is… and I wish you a better health! Please go to a doctor..
    Greetings from a reader from the Netherlands.

  6. Annie says:

    Thanks everyone. Misery loves company, right?

    I went to the emergency at the hospital at the height of the hives and swelling and they said there wasn’t anything they could do apart from give me prednisone, which he suggested he wouldn’t want to prescribe and I have to agree! Steroids are pretty serious. Since I’m not laboured in breathing and the hives aren’t inside my body, I pretty much just have to wait it out, as awful as that is!

    I’ve been trying different things over the week (which may not be a good idea but…): neem oil, almond oil, coconut oil, calamine lotion, benadryl (regular in the day and extra strength night time at night), cloratripolan….

    When things are settled down and I’ve moved I’m going to try and see a doctor about seeing an allergist or other for some piece of mind. Maybe they can tell me something more. It’s been many years since I’ve seen one.

    This will go away. This will go away. This will go away. This will go away. This will go away. Oh and Katherin, you took the words out of my mouth- They must end soon, right?

  7. Vanessa says:

    oh man- I am so sorry. that just doesn’t look like any fun. Hope things start to go back to normal soon.

  8. paxye says:

    (((hugs)))) I wish I was there to help you…

  9. lisa says:

    Oh my goodness Annie, I can’t believe you are still suffering with these awful things. Rest, rest, rest (easier said than done, I know, especially with 2 young ones). I hope you are better soon.

  10. taimarie says:

    Oh, this looks so uncomfortable. Hugs to you mama, I hope this passes quickly. We just had my son’s allergies tested with our natropath(smithers)- I can give you the info if you are interested. Sending you healing thoughts.

  11. Oh, that must be so frustrating. ?You were sounding so much better on Saturday. Do you have a naturopath you can go to? Maybe they can offer some better suggestions on how to get past this crazy reaction?

    Get well soon Annie.

  12. Penelope says:

    Gosh, Annie, that looks highly uncomfortable :( (((HUGS))) I hope it’s better soon.

  13. Lindsay says:

    Oh Annie, that looks awful. *hugs* If it wasn’t for the fact we are leaving on Friday I’d offer to come up and help you out for a day or two. Maybe after we get back? Though I’m sure they will be gone by then. I hope you’re feeling better very soon.

  14. Andrea says:

    I had horrible hives after the birth of my first son. The doctors thought it was either hormonal or I may have reacted to the mix of the placenta blood after birth (my son was A+ and I am O-).

    I had head to toe hives and facial swelling. I too was miserable. I tried everything (benadryl, calamine, oatmeal, ice packs, cold baths, etc).

    I eventually did go on the prednisone. I was taking a tapering does of 80mg twice daily – reducing by 5 mg a day. It made an immediate difference. I successfully breastfed my newborn through the whole experience since the medication is safe for nursing moms. I don’t normally advocate for taking medication but the prednisone really helped me.

    Good luck with everything

  15. Annie says:

    Hey thanks everyone. Day nine and it was a lot better. Still awful itchy and all but I was able to go out and be with my visiting friend after picking him up from the airport. He even helped me get caught up on some shopping and dishes. Good friends are worth their weight in gold. I would have gladly had you Lindsay! I appreciate all the offers of help!

    Taimarie- I would love that info!

    Andrea, I’d probably consider the prednisone too if I had a brand new baby. How awful it would be to connect and be with your child while covered in painful hives!

  16. Kim says:

    The “underlying resentment” thingy really bothered me when I read it. :( So…not….fair.

  17. Oh, honey! I am so sorry. That does look incredibly uncomfortable.

    I would suggest finding a naturopathic doctor, if it suits you. I have had great experiences with one here, helping me sort out the underlying issues and finding natural therapies.

    I am wishing you relief!

  18. Annie says:

    Kim- that is a really hard thing for me too. I know he doesn’t mean to feel that way but it’s obvious he does. He just wants me to get back to doing all the things I do.

    I think I am going to see a naturopathic doctor. It’s been 11 days now and it’s still not fully gone! I just want this to go away!

  19. Deirdre Goff says:

    Hey Anne, I’m a bit late catching up on this… so sorry to hear! It looks awful and must be thoroughly frustrating to have this slowing you down for so long. Wish I lived closer so I could have pitched in a little too. Hope things are better.

  20. Sarah says:

    Oh poor poor you. I really hope it’s easing up and you have some relief by now. Poor you ;(
    Sending lots of love and healing vibes XXXX

  21. Gale says:

    I really feel for you. I have suffered with hives about 5 times in my life. When I start with them they go from my head to the bottoms of my feet. I can watch the whelps start breaking out on my body. It’s awful. I took predisone for 2 attacks. Back in the 70’s I had to go to the ER from hyperventilating and they gave me a shot of some sort. I found that making poultices with oatmeal and rubbing it on the hives gave me some relief. I just put the oatmeal in a cloth and wet it. I also put in the bath. It helped me some, but mine just ran it’s course which was usually a week. I never have found out the cause. Some folks just call it the 7 year itch! I hope I never have another attack. Hope you are over them soon.

  22. Annie says:

    Deirdre, the first day I had the hives was the day I saw you. When I was considering what was giving me the hives, the thought that it could be viral came up and I felt sick that I may have exposed your girls and tiny perfect Malcolm to something! I was relieved when it became clear that it wasn’t viral!

    Can you all believe that my skin is still not back to normal after all the time. It’s not welting anymore when my skin gets scratched but it’s still a bit bumpy and red.

    Gale! I sure hope to heck that it’s not some seven year itch! I hope we both never have hives again!

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