Another big shop today. I’ve been rather free with my splurging on certain staples (coffee) and have even made purchases of chocolate covered almonds, box of frozen raspberries, and chocolate milk (soy this time). 

While I was unloading my cart a woman from the row across from me came and put her hand on my shoulder and said “you are the most organised shopper I’ve ever seen”. HA! I certainly didn’t feel like it, but it was a kind thing for her to take a moment to say. I also happened to bump into Judy from My Cohousing Adventure! That was nice.

I use cloth produce bags and cloth shopping bags but hadn’t come up with an affordable solution to the bulk items I buy like dried beans and nuts. I’ve been using the plastic bags the store offers and just bringing back my already used and labelled twist ties. This was such a pain. Heather at Beauty That Moves shared her simple and yet genius idea of using and reusing labelled ziplock bags. I decided to change my not yet perfect system and it was so much easier this afternoon. Thanks Heather! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was why the woman stopped to comment on my organisation!

This week I’m making:

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  1. lisa says:

    Coffee, chocolate and raspberries…my weakness as well.

  2. Gabriolan says:

    Oh gosh! That ziplock idea *is* genius? Why did I never think of that?

  3. Lucy Dolan says:

    My you have gone mad this week on treats!!! We have been terrible lately. I bought a gigantic chocolate egg that was heavily reduced. Could not resist. Nice quality choc though!!

    There are these great bags for doing loose items here called Onya weigh – they are made of thin mesh and can be reused over and over. You can even wash or soak the staples or veg thru them and wash them between shops if you are that organised.

    They are nylon but they last for years.

    They do all shapes and sizes of other bags – (name is because you can always have one “onya” ready to use).

    I like the reusable gift bags which you can track as they are reused between people.

    Ciao x

  4. Krista says:

    Man, do I catch on slow. Why didn’t I think of the reusable Ziplocs? What a time saver, I’m always in a panic writing numbers down and trying to find a pen that works while juggling three kids hanging off the cart. This makes so much more sense. You know, I’m so busy just ‘getting along’ that I so often forget to improvise and think out of the box. Something I’d like to improve at in many more ways aside from shopping! And I so enjoy learning from those people I meet who seem to have this skill. I’m taking this bag idea. By the way, I wish I knew you needed frozen raspberries. I’ve got buckets in my freezer from last summer….

  5. Krista says:

    ps, to credit myself, I did attempt to sew some reusable bags this past winter, made from extremely light weight sheer curtain from the thrift store. But what a pain sewing with that stuff turned out to be, with the fraying and rolling edges… I like this idea better. It’s still plastic, but at least you can use them for many months or even years I bet. Just change the numbers to match the grocery store’s bin numbers where you move to!

  6. greenteacher says:

    Hey there! The ziploc idea is great! I use glass jars which I have weighed before I put anything in them, but plastic would be less heavy (and less dangerous) to lug around with two little ones!

  7. Angela says:

    Way to go on the organized shopping!! The Ziploc bags are a great idea! We used to live in a small community with 1 co-op grocers, and I could bring my glass jars with the weight written on them in wax crayon. Then, they would deduct the weight of the jar from the total weight when buying in bulk. It was especially nice for buying honey or olive oil in bulk. But, here back in Portland, I have yet to find a grocer who will allow this, so I will try the reusable ziploc method!

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