We can’t get enough of the sun the last few days. I’m so excited about better weather. It means turning off the heat for good, opening the windows and doors, spring cleaning, no jackets, herbs growing strong, freckles, no shivering after swimming lessons…

We took the dogs to the Morrell Nature Sanctuary this morning before running errands. It was lovely. The sun was warm and there was little breeze. The dogs got a good run around and so did Leif. He walked almost the whole way, leaving the Beco to dangle around my waist. Lily and Leif had so much fun hiding behind trees, climbing off the path into the bush pretending they were headed for a secret hideouts. 

It’s so nice to go slow and enjoy ourselves. We looked at moss, woodpecker holes, ferns and birds… Leif was making me laugh today as he decided to walk down the hills backwards. I’m not sure what the heck gave him the idea to try that. 


The dogs were always aware of where we were. We stopped at a seating area for a minute or two (so the kids could pretend to ride the benches like horses) and I noticed a couple dogs down the path. My dogs hadn’t noticed them yet and I was hoping to see an owner before bringing attention to them. After some time, I still hadn’t seen an owner and Oscar was beginning to take note. I told him to be cool just as he saw them. Oscar and Trout went along to make contact and I with them, leaving the kids back at the benches. No owner still for a small yappy dog and a rottweiler. I was unsure and was preparing myself for something awful, just in case! There weren’t problems but until we were out of sight I wanted to be careful so I carried Leif past. I was relieved that both Oscar and Trout were constantly between us and the dogs. After we were past, Trout stayed with us while Oscar went back the trail a bit. Then they switched. Having a dog always helps me feel more comfortable and confident out walking or hiking.

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4 Responses to Taking the Dogs for a Walk

  1. paxye says:

    omg… he is so cute walking backwards!!! I can’t believe how much older he is looking… i still see him as a baby…

    we had a setback in the hot weather here… it snowed last night and there was a blanket of snow everywhere this morning… it is cold too…

    I want spring!!!

  2. Kyrie says:

    Hey Annie! I can’t believe how big your kiddos are getting. Especially Leif, he looks like such a little boy.

    Is Trout your deeg now or was it just a courtesy walk?

  3. Annie says:

    I was back at Morrell today and it was suggested that walking downhill backwards simply makes sense. I hadn’t thought of it that way at all but I suppose it does. How neat.

    Paxye- I can’t believe you had snow?! That’s the kind of bs the weather would play here. I feel for you! It’s time for warmer weather.

    Kyrie- Trout is just with us for 1.5 weeks. He’s been fun and yet he’s a bit dimwitted (sorry Kait!) and a brute on the trails with more than just my kids. He’s also depressed without his owners. He’s so sweet and cuddled up around Cam’s legs as I type. Oh Trout.

  4. ruralmamma says:

    ugh…luckiness. It rained and poured for like 3 days here and then boom a ay of snow..what is up with that? But our herb seedlings are doing really good in the window atleast :)

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