I know a lot of you live in places where it’s easy to come home from a day of thrifting with a handful of amazing treasures. It’s not so here with the one small thrift shop in town. It’s definitely not a treasure trove like any other thrift shop I’ve ever been in, so you may understand my exuberance when I saw this sewing machine!

My new Husqvarna!

Well, it wasn’t actually me that first saw it. I got a call from Cam at work who’d ridden by on his bike and seen this Husqvarna sewing machine in the window. He told me I should go by and have a look. Before hanging up I asked him what my limit should be on purchasing it. He suggested $200 and I much more sensibly suggested $35.

Cam’s not completely out of touch when it comes to what old or used sewing machines are worth. I already own a Hasqvarna sewing machine that my mother in law so generously gave me. Cam knows the value of this machine and what a workhorse it is.

My beloved Husky

So when I went to have a look I was immediately dispirited. This machine had a case, the manuals and all the original gear it came with, all in excellent condition. It was clearly going to cost more than my $35. The woman showing me into the display window area was sorry to tell me that it didn’t work. I found that hard to believe seeing it’s condition and guessed a part of the problem was they didn’t know how to work the Husqvarna machine which are notorious for being non intuitive. I asked her the price and she said $5.



She seemed as glad as I was that I was taking this machine home, telling me she was worried she’d have to throw the machine out (!!) if it didn’t get sold before too long. She was surprised and happy that I already had a similar Husqvarna.

My new Husqvarna!

Turns out my machine is a slightly newer version of this new found one. I was right that a big part of the problem was that no one knew how to work the machine. It does need some work as it’s not picking up all it’s stitches but it runs really well. There’s a quilting shop in the next town over that specialises in Husqvarnas so we’ll see to servicing it the next time I’m passing through. This will make a great second machine for Lily and Leif to use.

My newest find!

eta. I photographed my manual and put it into a pdf for someone who found an old machine without the manual. I’m happy to share this pdf if you also need the manual for a Husqvarna 2000 model 6430. Just comment and let me know!

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316 Responses to My New Husqvarna 2000

  1. Deb says:

    Hi Annie I have a Husqvarna 2000SL Model 6460
    Would you be able to send me a copy of your manual ?
    Thanks Deb

  2. Gladys says:

    I am in search of a manual for a 2000 husqvarna sewing machine. some parts are broken and i need to fix to give this to a neighbor in need. thank you.

  3. Dan says:

    Greetings from Oz, I just received a 6460 Husky as a present but can’t seem to work out how to use it. Would greatly appreciate if you could forward me the manual as the two models’ controls seem identical. It definitely looks built to last compared to my 70’s Singer, albeit completelly unintuitive. Thanks :)

  4. David says:


    I have a friend who was just given a Husqvarna 2000 6460 and I would love to surprise her with a copy of the instruction manual. Hope you may be able to assist me! Take care and thank you!

    David Hilyer

  5. Audrey says:

    I’ve just found my late mothers Husqvarna and my father and I have been searching high and low for the manual with no avail. I would really appreciate it if you could send me the manual. It would seriously make my year! I can’t wait to get this baby running!

  6. Jessica says:

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE a manual!!!!! Have a Sweden 6010 and think its pretty similar???? Seriously cant figure out the different settings!


  7. Natalie says:

    Please may I have a manual – My sister in law figured out how to use my husqvarna 2000 and I was sewing fine till my toddler came along yesterday, played with all the dials and now I have no idea how to fix it. and my sister in law is a 6 hour drive away lol. Would be great to have a manual Thanks

  8. SheriBeri says:

    Hi I have the 2000 sl 6460 and would also love a copy of the manual. I called Husqvqrna and they no longer have copies. I,m in Australia.
    I would be sooooo happy if I could make this beautiful machine do a simple straight line of stitching. Thankyou

  9. Cindy Groen says:

    Hi Annie,
    I have been given a Husqvarna 6430 and I don’t know how to use it. Please email me the user manual as I would love to try it out.
    Thank you!

  10. Kathy Gallalcher says:

    Hi, I have just found the exact Husqvarna 2000 Sweden model 6430 in an op shop. It was in its case but doesn’t have a manual I would so much appreciate a copy of your manual so that I can test it properly to see if it works. Thank you in advance.

  11. Sissel says:

    I just godt this machine, and can’t get it working properly… Can I please have the manual to see if I can figure out what I’m doing wrong? Thanks so much!!!

  12. Margaret George says:

    Hi my name is Margaret im from Australia I was given a Husqvarna 2000 Sweden model no 6430 I get power but the needle won’t move I would love a manual could you please send me an email. Regards Margaret

  13. Mary Benton says:

    Hi, I would really appreciate the manual. I have come accreoss a Husqvarna 2000 SL Model 6460 and have no clue on how to use it. Thanks kindly.

  14. Jannine says:

    Does anyone have an extension table for the 6440? Mine has disintegrated (perished) after being used since 1979! Happy to pay. I’m in Lismore NSW Australia

  15. V Beal says:

    I have a 6440 Viking,,,,,,,,,My feed dogs are down,,,,,,,,I can not remember how to raise them? A copy of the Pdf file would be very appreciated?
    Thank you

  16. Judy says:

    Hello. I bought my Husqvarna Model 6360 on the 11th of January in 1979. It has sewed an amazing array of items and has travelled the world with me. I originally purchased it in New Zealand.

    It has been in storage (up in the attic) at my place by the sea. You can imagine what the sea air does to things. Several months ago I decided to see if it still worked but sadly it appeared to have seized up. I randomly sprayed it with CRC and put it away for another day. Today seven months later I took it out of it’s case and decided to give it one last try.
    It worked, except the foot was jammed up and after some tender loving care that didn’t work I was a little firmer and bingo the foot mechanism released and it’s purring just like it did when I purchased it.
    I have all the feet, needles, bobbins and now some enthusiasm to start sewing again.
    I just needed to tell someone that has an appreciation for these remarkable machines and the people who engineered them in the first place.

    Very kind regards, from New Zealand

  17. Rina says:

    Dear Annie,
    I have had my Husqvarna 2000 model 64 30 since I left school 40 years ago. I have moved house and cannot find my manual. Could you kindly mail me a copy of your manual.
    Warm regards.

  18. Fabian says:


    I was looking for a manual to my Husqvarna 2000, when I saw your blog! Please may I have a copy of too? Im so excited to use my machine!

  19. rikesh says:

    Hi can someone assist on the specs for this machine please

  20. rikesh says:

    Does this machine have an overlock system?

  21. Magre says:

    hey, my friend lend me her viking 64 30 i’m stoked at what i can do just by figuring it out, but we have no manual.. I’m currently making my own wedding dress and would love a manual asap. THANK YOU

  22. Cindy Brady says:

    I am interested in starting to sew, and am thinking about buying a used husqvarna 2000. Is that a good choice for a beginner?

  23. Tricia says:

    Could you please send me your manual? I have an old Husq. Viking and I need to know how to operate it properly.

    Thanks, so much!
    T. Webster Armstrong

  24. Janice says:

    I have model 6460 and have no idea of value. Any idea? Works great. Email jan4ben@cox.net. Thank you !

  25. Janice says:

    Already posted.

  26. Becks says:

    Hi I just bought the same sewing machine second hand for $50, I am very happy but just need the manual, can you please email me? Thanks!

  27. Jor Elu says:

    can you please email the PDF manual file, for the model 2000, 6010
    thanks in advance

  28. Jiiva Somerville says:

    just setting up my inherited Husqvarna 2000 and can you imagine, I can’t get it to sew forward. Backward is working. What the…? I’ve worked a singer for years but this one is just puzzling a tad. Help??

  29. Peta Culverhouse says:

    I would love the manual of the Husqvana 2000 model 6430 please! I received mine from my grandmother as part of her will – no manual though nor the case. Thanks :)

  30. Anna says:

    Another Husqvarna fan. I have bought a Husqvarna 2000 today but witouth the manuel, also I do not have certain clams. Would you be so kind to send me the manuel? Many thanks in advance.


  31. Maria says:

    Je recherche manuel de machine à coudre husqverna 2000 modèle 6430. Merci

  32. Jen says:

    Hi there, I would love a manual for this machine. I’ve had one for years but with no manual I haven’t been able to work it properly and it doesn’t seem to draw the material! I’m sure it’s something I’m doing as the colours and dials just mean nothing to me without a manual! Thanks so much :)

  33. Linda says:

    hi, I am from Australia and have been given a Husqvarna 2000 model 6430 or 6436 not totally sure of the correct model no. but am missing a manual. would appreciate if you could e-mail me a copy! thanks so much

  34. Bruce Henry says:

    Hi. I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the manual.

  35. Gill says:

    Hi there from France………..
    I too, have a 2000 without a manual and would love a copy if you would kindly share it with me.
    Many thanks and happy sewing…………………

  36. Carmen says:


    Just like many others I am thrilled to have a Husqvarna 2000 as well. I have the blessing to have the manual, but I have a problem. I have googled it, but I cannot find a solution. I thought: maybe you have a little more experience with this beauty! The thing is: it only sews backwards, and doesn’t do any pattern stitches. It must have been out of use for at least 10 years, maybe more, and when I first ran it it it did do zig zag. I have oiled it, put it in the sun, to no avail. Any tips?

    Thanks in advance,

  37. Karen says:

    Hi – I would so LOVE a copy of this manual. I just unearthed this machine from the basement of a friends house.

    Thanks so much!!


  38. Jacqui says:

    Hi :)
    I just found an orange version of this machine in the thrift store, $20! Unfortunately it has no manual or any accessories, could you email a copy of the manual please? THANK YOU – so glad I found your post.

  39. Bridie Paul says:

    I got my husqvarrna model 6010 at our local salvation army shop.
    Could you please send me a copy of the manual

  40. Merja says:

    I also have original Husqvarna 2000 sweden 64 30 sewing machine, it works perfectly, but i dont have any manual. I would be very pleased if you send me copy of your manual. I live in Finland and here is no manuals avalaible for that machine.

  41. Deyna says:

    Hiya! I got this machine from my mother in law! Would live a manual! :)

  42. Dawna says:

    I have a Husqvarna 2000, model 6020. If the manual would cover this model, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

  43. Bernadette says:

    Hi Annie,
    I found my Husqvarna 2000 model 6430 at a thrift shop as well. It had a sharpied marker price written on it for $20.00 but by shear luck it was 1/2 price day! It’s missing a few things but was in it’s case, just like yours, though no manual. I would really appreciate the manual as I have lots of figuring out to do to see how it operates.
    Thank you so much [ in advance:) ]

  44. Cliff Gray says:

    My wife has a Husquvarna 2000 sewing machine but has lost her operating manual. If it is possible to attach it to an email she would be most grateful

  45. daisy says:

    hello annie,
    great story,i love odd treasure finding adventures.
    i got an orange husqvarna but it blew up when i switched it on! still on display though.
    i then got another 6430 but it has no manual and im a bit puzzled by the dials etc.
    so a manual link would be great.
    happy sewing daisy in the u.k

  46. Jillian says:

    Hi, my handwheel is stuck and I seem to remember there was a trick to get it un-stuck, would you be able to send me the manual? I hope the trick is in there!

    Thank you,


  47. Beverly Watkins says:

    I have an old Husqvarna Viking 2000 which I just had repaired but I don’t have a manual. I see that you offer copies? Could you please send me one? I would really appreciate it. Please email me and let me know what you would like in payment. Thanks!

  48. Kerran says:

    I have just bought the husqvarna 2000 at a second hand store for $35 but can’t figure out how to get it sew properly. I would be so greatful if you could email me a copy of your manual too. Thanks so much!

  49. Niloofar says:

    I have husqvarna 2000 but I can’t find a manual ,May I have a manual?

  50. Peder says:


    My girlfriends sister in law just got this model as a christmass gift. She could use the manual and if you still have it as a PDF I’d be happy to have one. Thanks.

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