I know a lot of you live in places where it’s easy to come home from a day of thrifting with a handful of amazing treasures. It’s not so here with the one small thrift shop in town. It’s definitely not a treasure trove like any other thrift shop I’ve ever been in, so you may understand my exuberance when I saw this sewing machine!

My new Husqvarna!

Well, it wasn’t actually me that first saw it. I got a call from Cam at work who’d ridden by on his bike and seen this Husqvarna sewing machine in the window. He told me I should go by and have a look. Before hanging up I asked him what my limit should be on purchasing it. He suggested $200 and I much more sensibly suggested $35.

Cam’s not completely out of touch when it comes to what old or used sewing machines are worth. I already own a Hasqvarna sewing machine that my mother in law so generously gave me. Cam knows the value of this machine and what a workhorse it is.

My beloved Husky

So when I went to have a look I was immediately dispirited. This machine had a case, the manuals and all the original gear it came with, all in excellent condition. It was clearly going to cost more than my $35. The woman showing me into the display window area was sorry to tell me that it didn’t work. I found that hard to believe seeing it’s condition and guessed a part of the problem was they didn’t know how to work the Husqvarna machine which are notorious for being non intuitive. I asked her the price and she said $5.



She seemed as glad as I was that I was taking this machine home, telling me she was worried she’d have to throw the machine out (!!) if it didn’t get sold before too long. She was surprised and happy that I already had a similar Husqvarna.

My new Husqvarna!

Turns out my machine is a slightly newer version of this new found one. I was right that a big part of the problem was that no one knew how to work the machine. It does need some work as it’s not picking up all it’s stitches but it runs really well. There’s a quilting shop in the next town over that specialises in Husqvarnas so we’ll see to servicing it the next time I’m passing through. This will make a great second machine for Lily and Leif to use.

My newest find!

eta. I photographed my manual and put it into a pdf for someone who found an old machine without the manual. I’m happy to share this pdf if you also need the manual for a Husqvarna 2000 model 6430. Just comment and let me know!

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316 Responses to My New Husqvarna 2000

  1. Floss says:

    Great to hear there is someone else out there who loves these machines as much as I do. I look at the new ones but just can’t justify trading it in. One question I have you may be able to help me with is how to set it up for free motion quilting, I use the darning foot and lower the feed dogs but then I get stuck and no stitching happens. I love to hand quilt but it isn’t always the most practical solution. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Fran says:

    Hi – great reading – I found this while also looking for the manual for the Husqvarna 2000 I purchased at a Tender Sale – though not as lucky as you were with your $5 machine – it is not working properly at present, missing stitches – can you please email me a copy of the manual so that I can see if I can fix the problem – thanks, Fran

  3. Annie says:

    I haven’t do a lot of free motion quilting but I also have used my darning foot (as well as another that I don’t know the name of at the moment- will try to look tomorrow) with the feed dogs lowered. Strange that the stitch doesn’t happen. I wanted to comment right away when I saw this but it’s late now. I’ll think about and comment again soon, maybe tomorrow when I have another look at my machine.

  4. anna says:

    feed dogs r down and I forget how to gt then back up button doesn”t shove in and I am guessing that is the contol any idea thanks

  5. Nancy says:


    Could you please email a copy of the manual to me? I would really appreciate it as I am having probjes with the feed dog. Thank you!

  6. Gerry says:

    Hi I would like get pdf file on Husqvarna 2000 64-30 or 64-40 sewing machine

    Many thanks

  7. Nicola Wilkinson says:

    Hi I have a Husqvarna 2000 just like the one in your photograph but urgently need the manual to know how to get it to work, can you email a copy of the manual? thank you so much Nicky Wilkinson

  8. Andre says:

    Hi Annie,

    I just picked up a Husqvarna 2000 for my wife, as a gift. It seems 1000 times better made than her newer Singer machine but it was missing the owners manual. Please send me the pdf of the manual. Thank you very much. Blessings Andre.

  9. Jo-Ann says:

    Hello Annie! I write to you from Toronto, Ontario Canada to say that it was such a delight to have finally tripped across your web site. For over a year now I have been trying to find a manual for a Husqvarna 2000 Model 6020 that I was given. I was able to figure out the basics in order to get it sewing, but must admit that no matter how I try to figure out the various knobs – I admit defeat! Sadly, neither the Husqvarna Viking Canadian distributor, nor the local HV retailers have responded to my telephone calls, nor email requests for help. With a cry for help, I am hoping that the model 6430 manual that you have will work to help me with the 6020. Any help at this stage would be a joy! My best regards, a desperate Jo-Ann in Toronto.

  10. Jennifer McEvoy says:

    Please can you e-mail the manual to me – I have an older Husqvarna 2000 6430 and have no book. Thanks in anticipation.

  11. Pamela Bernier says:

    My friend was given a Husqvarna 2000 Model 6360 Colormatic, but alas no manual. She had no idea how to get it to sew properly so asked me for help as I sew a bit, and my mom used to own a Husqvarna machine. I was stumped on the whole colormatic and fancy stitch business, however I did manage to get it to sew a straight and zigzag stitch. The machine looks like the one pictured above so I would greatly appreciate a copy of the manual that you are so kindly offering, hoping that it will tell us how to run it properly. Thank you so much.

  12. Eliza says:

    Hi, i recently bought a similar model without any manuals and now have got it stuck in reverse!! Would you please be able to email me a pdf manual? thank you so much!!

  13. Henrik says:

    Hi. I’m trying to fix my girlfriends machine (which I broke) and I would love to have a look at the manual.

    Thank you

  14. Marina says:

    Hi, I inherited a husqvarna 2000 model 6440, but I lost the manual. Would you please be able to email me the pdf manual ? Thank you so much !

  15. Glenn says:

    Hi Annie. I’ve just turned on my mum’s old Husqvarna 2000 (6440 model) after it having sat idle for 10 years since she passed away. It looks to work okay, but I don’t seem to have a manual for instructions on use. I know your manual is for the 6430 model, but I presume much of the workings will be the same so I’d really appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the PDF please? Thanks so much.

  16. Bogi Dávid says:

    Dear Annie,
    my colleague owns a Husqvarna 2000 (6460 model), and has been looking for a manual for quite some time. Could you please e-mail me the pdf manual so that I could pass it to her? It would be of great help.Thank you very much!

  17. Yvonne Height says:

    Thank you for your lovely story about the Husqvarna 2000. You obviously love it as do I. I inherited mine from a special friend who passed away so I will never part with it. Now that I have come to use it (it is in almost pristine condition) the manual has been the only casualty and I won’t be able to use it without one as it is not intuitive to use (or not to me anyway).

    Consequently I have been looking for a manual for quite some time when I saw your lovely offer I was delighted. Could you please e-mail me the pdf manual so that I can use it. thank you so much for your very generous offer.

  18. Reiner Albert says:

    Hallo, my name is Reiner and i am living in bavaria germany.
    My mother in law gave me this husqvarna 6430 without any instruction paper.
    Therefore the machine is nearly worthless for me cause i have no idea how it works.
    it would be fine, to have youre pdf paper even it is not my language.
    please would you be so kind to sent me your manual?
    Excuse my realy bad englisch…. thank you

  19. Joan Hunziker-Dean says:

    I purchased my Husqvarna 6430 for $14.99 at Goodwill this summer.
    I had it completely restored and now need the manual please.
    So happy to find your website.
    Thank you!!

  20. Terissa Yngvesdotter says:

    Hello Annie,
    I bought my husqvarna 2000 at a junk sale in Sweden (where I live), and can do some seams, but as you said, it is not intuitive,
    so I would greatly appreciate it if you could e-mail me the manual.

  21. Jenny Fisher says:

    Hi Annie,
    I live in Australia and have just aquired a Husqvarna 2000SL sewing machine. I would really appreciate if you could send me a copy of the Instruction Manual also as I have no idea how to use it !!Thank you so much for your kind offer.


    Jenny Fisher

  22. Annie says:

    I’m sorry, Jenny! I tried to email you but it bounced back to me. Looks like your mail hosting thinks I’m trying to spam you. I wonder if you might comment again with a different email address perhaps?

  23. earl tourangeau says:

    hi, i recently was given my step moms old husqvarna 2000 model 6430 sewing machine….it was siezed and needing of some tlc but i brought it back to life but i mistakenly forgot the order of the washers and springs on the tensioner so if you have a manual to go to this machine i would love to snag a copy on it…i would be so thankful.

  24. Nina says:

    Could you please send me a copy of the instruction manual? I bought a 6440 on ebay and need help using it – it needs a good cleaning and maybe some adjustments. Thanks

  25. Hanlie says:

    Hi everybody! I also have a Husqvqrna 2000 model 6440! after 38 years it is still running. Like everything old it has a pain here and there, like the bobbin casing that’s not perfect any more. Can remember that they said it had a lifetime guarantee.
    I’ve done some free hand quilting with it. Just put brown paper between the material and the feeders, then you don’t have to lower it that much, just enough to be able to move the material,batting and paper evenly.
    I even have the price that I paid for it 38 years ago – in South African Rand 439.50!! At that stage it was the most advanced machine on the marked! I am also shopping for another machine, but believe me, you can buy a new small car for the price of a new machine – and then I doubt weather the new ones will last 38 years!
    I also have a operating manual and the sewing manual that I can scan if anybody has a need for that!
    Hope 2013 will bring a lot of joy and blessings to everyone.

  26. Annie says:

    Thank you, Hanlie!

  27. Judith says:

    Hi Annie. I just bought a husky 2000 for my son. He worked on it a bit and fixed the reverse which was stuck. I have the general sewing manual but not the manual for the machine. I also would appreciate a copy of the manual – we’re not sure how to get zigzag :(

  28. Elena says:

    Hi! Yesterday bought Husqvarna 2000 mod 6010. It was kept in the basement of people with all sorts of rubbish. I was very happy, but I realized that without the manual I can not get started on her sewing. She sews back. Can you email a copy of the manual? thank you so much

  29. Maryvonne Courtecuisse says:

    Chère Annie
    Bien heureuse de voir que je ne suis pas seule face à cette machine et aussi pas la seule à avoir perdu le manuel. Si je pouvais être destinataire d’une copie, je vous bénirais chaque fois que je m’en sers.
    Merci d’avance

  30. Cari says:

    Was wondering if you still have the pdf for the Husqvarna 2000 model 6440 that you might be able to email to me? Got one jsut recently but without a manual and now I’m just stuck trying all combos of settings and going nowhere but to frustration and anger. And well, thats just not fun :(
    Hope you still have the manual on pdf for emailing :D That would be much appreciated.
    Taa Taa Cari

  31. Cari says:

    Hell Again!
    I jsut wanted to thank you so much for the manual. It worked like a charm and I can now get back to sewing :D Thanks alot, much appreciated and totally made my day! :D
    Many hugs Cari

  32. Dee Masters says:

    Hi Annie Also very happy to come across your website. Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of the manual? I just came home with a Husqvarna 6430 from my dear friend who gave me her mother’s machine. Interestingly, it looks exactly like your machine, but does not have the “2000” on the front. Do you know when these machines were made? Thanks very much and I look forward to learning about this machine. Certainly seems solid; it’s heavy as can be. Dee

  33. Janine Prince says:

    Hi Annie,
    I feel so lucky to have found this post – I have one of these machines – almost identical to the one in your picture – and all I’ve been able to figure out is how to sew in a straight line! It has dozens of those button things in the case with it. Could you possibly send me the manual that you have? I love this machine (still working after so many years, what a great product) and would love to explore some more of the potential it obviously has in store! Thank you for your generosity. J9

  34. Claudia Schloegl says:

    Purchased the Husqvarna 2000 at an estate sale-need a fixed pattern cam
    type 400 no. 8202 Systematic Colormatic Sym. 7980-1 0.5 it only sews

    Beautiful machine-where can one get parts-or does anyone know where a
    bone yard for this machine. Any idea how old the machine is???

    Want it to be usable for my daughter in law


  35. Claudia Schloegl says:

    FYI I have The Operating Manual and How to sew with your HUSQVARNA 2000
    both manuals are in mint condition If I remember correctly paid $ 60.00.


  36. Kathi says:

    Hallo, my husband found a machine like yours in the trash bin and brought it to me. Unfortunetely I have no manual, would you mind to send me your pdf? Thank you! I’ve already 9 sewing machines and 8 of them my husband was finding in the trash! Some of them worked well from the beginning, others I try to make work. Most of the time after a little reparation work pretty well. It’s incredible to see these machines thrown away just like that!
    Greetings Kathi

  37. Annie says:

    Claudia, I’m not sure where to get old parts. I wonder if you might be able to find the closest Husqvarna sewing machine repair shop to find out? I know for me there is one an hour and a half away. It’s a quilting shop that can service Husqvarna machines.

  38. Hi Hanlie
    Love a manual. I seem to be like everybody else on this blog i picked up one at a garage sale for $5 but alas no manual. it goes but i don’t know how to use it.

  39. john brien says:

    Hi my 12 yr. old daughter just got a Husqvarna 2000/ 6010 and we need a manaul to run it Thanks in advance John O’Brien

  40. Willocx Lea says:

    I am looking for a shop where I could order spare parts voor my machine Model 6430.
    I need to replace a part locaten in the front, that drives the tension of the upper wire.

    Do you know any shop I could contact by email ?

  41. Peter Simpson says:

    Hi, I to have this machine and would like a copy of the manual, thanks very much cheers Pete

  42. Beth says:

    Hi, can you email me the Manuel for the husqvarnamanual 2000 model 64 40? It would help me out ALOT!!!

  43. Denyse Strantzen says:

    I have a Husqvarna 2000 circa 1980 but missing a manual and I haven’t been able to source one in Melbourne, Australia. I’d love a copy for some hints. Thanks, Denyse

  44. Annie says:

    Willocx Lea- I don’t know, I’m sorry! I would suggest trying to contact Husqvarna directly and ask them or look on their website for the nearest shop.

  45. Jacki Brewer says:

    Hello. I too have just acquired a Husqvarna 2000 model 6440, after the recent passing of my husbands grandmother, and I have absolutely no idea how it works and operates. I would be sincerely grateful if you could email me the manual. Your generosity Is greatly appreciated, as I’m very keen to sew something for my husband on his grandma’s machine. It would mean the world to him. :)

  46. Erolyn Bayes says:

    Hi, I have just got my Husqvarna 2000 (purchased early 1977) out but have lost the manual. Unscrewed bobbin area and removed a lot of fluff. Don’t seem to have reassembled it correctly. Would love access to manual.
    I have a fabulous new Husqvarna Sapphire 875 quilt but was feeling nostalgic for my old sewing machine. Have had a platinum in between, so 2000 not used for a few years.

  47. fran warner says:

    Hi Annie,

    I could sure use a manual .pdf to help maintain my Husqvarna.

    Thanks, Fran

  48. Elizabeth White says:


    I have just been given a husqvarna 2000 model 63 60, and I have never used a sewing machine before and would love a manual please if you have one.

    Many thanks

    Liz White

  49. Gaylene Green says:

    Hi Annie, I also recently discovered a husqvarna 2000, model 6430, at a garage sale and was over the moon with my find! Its such an awesome old sewing machine, so strong and sturdy and all those fancy stitches, I just love it. Only thing was it didn’t come with a manual, so I would just LOVE it if you would be so kind as to email me a pdf of the manual. Thank you so so much! Gaylene

  50. Mika says:

    Hi Annie! Nice machine! We have had it about 20 years.. Today I start looking for manual for husqvarna.
    Searched dozen and dozens pages, only rubbish.. Hope You could send pdf?

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