I know a lot of you live in places where it’s easy to come home from a day of thrifting with a handful of amazing treasures. It’s not so here with the one small thrift shop in town. It’s definitely not a treasure trove like any other thrift shop I’ve ever been in, so you may understand my exuberance when I saw this sewing machine!

My new Husqvarna!

Well, it wasn’t actually me that first saw it. I got a call from Cam at work who’d ridden by on his bike and seen this Husqvarna sewing machine in the window. He told me I should go by and have a look. Before hanging up I asked him what my limit should be on purchasing it. He suggested $200 and I much more sensibly suggested $35.

Cam’s not completely out of touch when it comes to what old or used sewing machines are worth. I already own a Hasqvarna sewing machine that my mother in law so generously gave me. Cam knows the value of this machine and what a workhorse it is.

My beloved Husky

So when I went to have a look I was immediately dispirited. This machine had a case, the manuals and all the original gear it came with, all in excellent condition. It was clearly going to cost more than my $35. The woman showing me into the display window area was sorry to tell me that it didn’t work. I found that hard to believe seeing it’s condition and guessed a part of the problem was they didn’t know how to work the Husqvarna machine which are notorious for being non intuitive. I asked her the price and she said $5.



She seemed as glad as I was that I was taking this machine home, telling me she was worried she’d have to throw the machine out (!!) if it didn’t get sold before too long. She was surprised and happy that I already had a similar Husqvarna.

My new Husqvarna!

Turns out my machine is a slightly newer version of this new found one. I was right that a big part of the problem was that no one knew how to work the machine. It does need some work as it’s not picking up all it’s stitches but it runs really well. There’s a quilting shop in the next town over that specialises in Husqvarnas so we’ll see to servicing it the next time I’m passing through. This will make a great second machine for Lily and Leif to use.

My newest find!

eta. I photographed my manual and put it into a pdf for someone who found an old machine without the manual. I’m happy to share this pdf if you also need the manual for a Husqvarna 2000 model 6430. Just comment and let me know!

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316 Responses to My New Husqvarna 2000

  1. Erin says:


    Oh, you thrifting diva, you!!

    Marvelous recycling and re-using, and even the servicing should be well under your remaining (Cam suggested) budget of $195.00 :)

    It’s great to have some working knowledge of old machinery…wish I had that!

    happy sewing Leif and Lily!!!

  2. Natalie says:

    What a steal! I don’t think I could find a sewing machine, working or not, for $5 here in Victoria.

  3. Dee says:

    $5??? Awesome!

  4. jo says:

    Is it sad that I thought you were talking about a chainsaw when I first saw the post?
    What a great deal though, I love that place!

  5. Courtney says:

    That’s a great story! PS When I saw your post in my mail… I clicked to get the full post THINKING it was your new chain saw!! haha I thought “Awesome!” as Trev won a new chainsaw golfing last year…. heh heh

  6. Marlene says:

    I do live in a town with surprisingly great thrift storing to be done – I’ve almost never bought new clothes for the kids, and rarely for me – and I’ve NEVER seen anything that good!
    So great to have a machine for the kids, for sure.

  7. Marlene says:

    That is the best thrift store find ever, bar none.

  8. green says:

    Wow. Love it when that happens. My mom got my Bernina 830 off of a call in radio show… for $50. She did have to spend another $100 to have it fixed, but it was still a steal. (They sell working for over $600 – for a 40 year old machine!) I HEART it greatly and it would be one thing that I would run in to retrieve during a fire! In fact, it is my favorite gift I’ve ever received, ever. I’ve been looking for another ever since… for my daughter. I have about 20 more years before she needs one in her own place. Maybe someday I’ll get lucky with the thrift/yard sale gods and find one for my little one… Congrats on your find!

  9. Annie says:

    Thanks everyone! I was so so excited at this great find.

    Erin- you are so right. I can now rest easy as long as the servicing cost are within Cam’s limit. I’m sure they will be!

    Nat- that’s the problem with living in a place so many other people want to live. Victoria’s too cool of a place to get really really cheap items. At least really really cool items are easier to find though, right?

    Jo, Courtney- it’s what most people think of when you say Husqvarna. We only have Stihl chainsaws in this house.

    Marlene- I think it was my best.score.effa! I usually hit the thrift shops wherever I find myself when I’m travelling because the one we have here isn’t great. Our depressed community needs it a great deal and there isn’t always awesome items being donated.

    Green- What a wonderful gift! That’s exactly how I feel!

  10. Bridie says:

    WHAT an incredible find! So happy for you : )

  11. tai says:

    Wow, what a score Annie! I always thought you had the coolest machine ever, now you have the two coolest machines ever!

  12. natalie says:

    Nice one Annie. We have a well adored Wrinkles puppet we got there nearly 7 years ago. I really missed thrifting while in Rupert though, the finds are few and far between… but apparently awesome.

  13. Lindsay says:

    Wow, what a great find!

  14. dave says:

    My wife just picked up a Husqvarna 2000 today for $15! It looks like it will work and we’re excited to use it – but it didn’t come with a manual. You wouldn’t happen to gotten one with yours? Looking for online suggestions to find one too…

  15. Annie says:

    Congrats! I do have a manual with mine. I haven’t tried to download the manual here but it looks like one is available: http://sewingonline.co.uk/library/viking-6030.html I’d be happy to take some pictures of the manual I have if you can’t down load it elsewhere.

  16. Dessy says:

    Hi Annie, I just turn to your post when I desperately searching for the husqvarna 2000 manual. I bought a secondhand sewing machine from an online fleemarkt in Nederland. Well.. some online transaction brings you lucky then you get a good stuff. This time I’m the loser. I have to buy the pdf manual from local webshop, it is in Dutch. If you need it I’d like to share it with you, just email me.

  17. Annie says:

    Thank you, Dessy! I have the english version which is all I need. If you haven’t purchased it already and would like an english version as well, I could probably scan if for you. I hope you like the machine as much as we do!

  18. Julie says:

    I too am looking for a manual for a Husqvarna 2000 it also has the following details:
    Viking 6430, not too sure what that means. Does anyone have a manual they could sent me so i can start to play with my new purchase?
    I actually paid $30. so I think you go a real steal at only $5.00!

  19. Annie says:

    That’s the same model I have, Julie. If you can’t find a copy of the manual online I’m willing to take pictures of each page of my manual for you. Just let me know.

  20. John says:

    Love your website……………. I just picked up a 2000 m 6430 just like yours . seems like a nice machine but the controls are so smart you need to find out how to use the best features , is there a way I can get the pdf copy of your manual? Many thanks and I hope you enjoy your machine with your family, regards John

  21. Annie says:

    I’ll email you, John!

  22. Miniar says:

    Hello. I know this is an old entry, but I’m desperately looking for a manual for this exact machine. I’m using one I inherited from my mother and the manual is lost to the ages it seems and while I know “most” of how to work it, seeing as I have been using it on and off since I was a kid, I still don’t know all the settings and so…. the manual would be a godsend!

  23. g baxter says:

    My mother has a Husquevarna 2000 model 6360. She had a house fire several years ago and the manual was destroyed. Now she has forgotten how to do some of the settings. Any chance that your manual would work for this machine?

  24. SMatthews says:

    My mother has just given me her old husqvarna 2000 model 6440. i would love a copy of the manual if it covers this model. i haven’t used a sewing machine in years and want to make the most of it.

  25. Radmila says:

    Hi Annie,
    I got Husqvarna 2000 exactly the same as on the picture above as a gift from a friend from Austria, but unfortunately without a manual. I tried to find or to download it, but no success. I am looking forward finding someone who already has the manual and is willing to share it with us.
    Thank you very much Annie

  26. Radmila says:

    Hi Annie,
    I received your email and managed to download the manuel I am very grateful and with pleasure I will study the manual and enjoy the opportunities that this machine has, and I will send you an email to tell you what is going on.
    Again, thank you very mush Annie

  27. Angie says:

    Hi !

    Jeez what a nice blog you have, i was looking for the manual on my new (old) husqvarna and i stumbled onto your site.. I have recently got the same machine, exept without the manual..
    If you are happy to share your PDF file , i would be very happy to read it. I am struggling to get to work with it, and am hanging to do some sewing again. So much fun, and yes, i am also more into older machines that actually work well ( still)
    im taking sewing classes and all the machines are old, and the girls are all young ( 30 plus ha ha)

    well tahbk you, and if it is too much trouble, that’s okay too.. ill find it elsewhere.. happy sewing from Angie ( Holland)

  28. Gabi says:

    Hello Annie,

    i found your blog as i was looking for the users manual of Husqvarna 2000 :) How could i get the pdf you made..?

    Thank you for it


  29. jodie peterson says:

    hi there :) … Im after a manual for this particular sewing machine. If you dont mind passing it on that would be awesome .. :) thank you very much

  30. Deborah Mcgranaghan says:

    I have been given my mothers husqvarna 2000 model 64 40 Please could you send me the manuals you have as I have non and I am having problems with the feeding of material, it wont move and getting the right stich lenght, I use to make my families clothes with this machine when I was a teen ager it has been along time since I have used it. I would appreciate your manual even though yours in 6430.

    Thankyou and good on you for setting up this site.

  31. Virginia says:

    Hi, I’ve just purchased today this exact model with the service manual but not the operating manual. I’d really appreciate your pdf of the operating manual. Looks like a great machine, do you know what year they were produced? Thanks & happy sewing, Virginia (Candelo, NSW, Australia)

  32. Vera says:

    What a great buy. My daughter just picked one up too at a church sale for $5. She’s an aspiring fashion designer. Could you please email us the manual? It would help in figuring out how to thread this thing.


  33. Awilda Torres says:

    Dear Annie,
    Hello, you have a beautiful Blog. I recently found this sewing machine also
    at a second hand store for 18.00$ I don’t have the manual, I know I can buy it on line. I am on a very tight budget, I would be very thankful if you can send it to me!
    Thank you,

  34. Sara says:

    hi. regards from norway, I have a Husqvarna 2000 model 6020 but no manual. Would you be so kind and send me your manual, and I am sure that I can understand more aboute my own machine. thank you, sara

  35. Norma says:

    The exact Husqvarna 2000 you bought for $5, is the same as I bought in New Zealand as a 21 year old. My workmate, a lady who had just done all the research said to me to get the best sewing machine I could, as once I was married I would have the money. So I Bought that machine, probably equal to spending about $3000 on one nowadays! I still use it, although I do have 7 others, I keep returning to my old favourite for free motion quilting, it has a longer arm than my newer ones. I would like the manual, lost mine ages ago. I used all the cams and made myself an outfit with homemade “braiding” around all the edges…so 70’s…when I first used mine!

  36. Vicky says:

    My mother just gave me her machine, only … she lost the manual. Could you send me a copy of your manual. Thanks.

  37. Le Tran says:

    Hi, I have just purchased a Husqvarna 2000 6030 machine and have no idea how to adjust it so that I sews properly. Could you kindly send me the manual that you have?

  38. Brenda Estes says:

    Hi, my friend just gave me a Husqvana 6460 and I need a manual, could you help me? Thanks

  39. Rebecca says:

    Hi there, I have been looking around for a solid metal European machine for awhile, and a Husqvarna 2000 model 6430 dropped into my lap recently! Similar model to my mother’s when I was growing up too. If this blog is still live, I’d be so grateful for a pdf manual. Thanks for posting. Rebecca

  40. Gail says:

    Iam wondering if I can have a copy of the manual. Some one just gave me a Husqvarna2000-6040 and nothing came with it. I even have to try and find a plug for the pedal, no manual no shuttles and I do not have a clue on how to use it. I also have to clean it as it looks like it was sitting in a garage for a while
    Please help

  41. Heather says:

    I was just passed down the same sewing machine from my mom, it is much loved and still works great….but alas no manual. I am expecting my first in December so am excited to start sewing some cute projects! I know this post is quite old now (Glad my google search led me to your great blog though!). If you wouldn’t mind sharing the pdf of the manual that would be awesome!!!

  42. Adele Borg says:

    What a buy ! I bought the same machine in 1974 when i was 17 for around $550.00 Au I got the sewing table that stopped the need to use the extention table, the free arm is much better than the Newer models, I purchased a Husvarna Freesia that is wonderful but not half as sturdy as the Husqvarna 2000 model 6440, I absolutely hate the free arm on my Freesia and sewing table area on the machine which incorporates the sewing tools, comes loose all the time, I still need to look if an extension is available.

    My 2000 has only been serviced once when it lost its timing, they gave me a free service when I bought my Freesia I just couldn’t part with it, it’s so much easier using the old 2000 model for smaller items, sewing in sleeves etc and I also prefer the solid extension table, my 2000 sewed hundreds of items from baby clothes, teenage, stretch fabric you name it I’ve sewn it, I’ve even taught sewing classes with it, a gem of a machine, I hope it gives you heaps of sewing years to come. Adele

  43. Marilyn Boone says:

    Annie, I recently found a Husqvarna 2000 Model 6430 at a yard sale. It does not have the manual. Please send me a copy. I plan to give this sewing to my niece who is just learning to sew.


    Marilyn Boone

  44. Sue Lapira says:

    Hi Annie, I have the same exact model like yours but however I do not have the manual as I had bought it from a vintage auction sale. Would you be so kind in emailing the pdf manual please. Thank you so much for this post and Keep it up with your blog.

  45. Stephane L says:

    Hi Annie, I’m from Canada, I just purchase the same sewing machine (#6430) and find your blog when searching for a manual for my “new to me” Husqvarna 2000, can you please send me a copy of your manual I really appreciated it Very much.
    Thank you

  46. Helen J says:

    Hi Annie: I bought a ‘2000’ model 6440, 38 years ago and love the machine. I own a couple of other Husqvarna sewing machines, but always come back to this one. The only problem I have is find attachments, e.g. stippling foot for quilting. This machine is older than some of the people in the Sewing shops I visit. Enjoy the machine, I really do.

  47. Annie says:

    Thank you, Helen! Gosh, I wonder where extra attachments can be found?

  48. Kate says:

    I just found my Viking at a church rummage sale for $10. It is in perfect condition, even still in it’s original styrofoam inside of it’s case. I am so thrilled!

  49. Annie says:

    WOW! What a find! Enjoy it!

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