A long while ago now, Lisa shared a great idea for making gold for a treasure hunt. We have since enjoyed quite a few hunts for gold since then. What a great idea!

The other morning, Cam and I were inside talking about our impending move when Lily came in with a treasure map she made herself. It may not look very coherent but it makes sense if you know our yard… or at least it makes sense to me, but I’m her mother. Ha.

With this map I was able to have a successful treasure hunt on my own!

We’ve brought most of the gold with us and I’m sure we’ll have the best hunts in the forest behind our house! Thanks again Lisa!

One Response to Treasure Hunt. Looking for Gold!

  1. lisa says:

    I love Lily’s map and I love it that she set this up for you! What a smart gal!

    Lisa :)

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