So we looked it up here and here.

Moths have feathery antennae and butterfly’s are clubbed. Similarly moth’s bodies are fuzzy and stubby- as my daughter says. Butterfly bodies are smooth and long. Moths are active at night, whereas butterflies are active in the day. Moths are usually more plainer looking, while butterflies are usually brilliant and brightly coloured. Moth’s wings are often open laying flat and butterfly wings are usually upright. Lastly, moth’s cocoons are soft and made from silk and leaves on the ground. Butterfly cocoons are a hard shell hanging from something.

Interesting. The differences are obvious but I hadn’t given them much thought before.

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5 Responses to Mama, what’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly?

  1. hen says:

    Oh Annie, how beautiful!!

    It’s amazing how little brains kick our brains into action!


  2. Sophia Sunshine says:

    Now you just need to add skippers to the comparison. I know the differences between all 3 can be obvious but when they’re in flight I always have trouble (unless it’s something simply like a blue, a sulphur or checkerspot type butterfly). The things you’re all learning are so cool. Enjoy the sun!

  3. Annie says:

    Ah, yes! Skippers!

    No sunshine here today. We did just get back from a walk downtown though. It was spitting rain and it’s quite cloudy. Nice and cool.

  4. dancing dragonfly says:

    I can’t see the photos, am I doing something wrong?

  5. Annie says:

    Hm, I don’t know?? Just the photo’s on this posting?

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