There can be something so zen about painting rocks. On the other hand it can be wild and loud when there are many kids and a favourite rock that everyone wants to get a chance to paint! Collaborating art ideas can actually be kinda fun once you accept that more than just you is going to paint a thing.

Krista brought over some BIG rocks since we didn’t have many left unpainted in our house. The kids really enjoyed this activity and we all learned that wet outdoor decorative paint plus water equals nothing. As in it washes it away. Ah well, the rocks got painted twice!

Krista’s so fun (and talented) painting along with the kids. I took the time to make a batch of cookies to help everyone regain their strength after they were finished such a tiring task.

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  1. lisa says:

    Painting rocks is the best. Putting those bright colors on gray colored rocks is just so pretty. ;)

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